Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Home Away From Vegas

We head to Lake Havasu this morning but not to run our boat. This time we begin our search for a rental property to invest in with the help of one of the best Realtors in Havasu.

As I dressed for the day, I reached for my nicer under clothing, a lacy pair of fuchsia panties and equally cute matching bra. I thought of what I had said to my mom as a budding teenager. While we were driving in my car when I asked her a hypothetical question, "Mom, if I got in a car accident and the medics had to cut off my clothes, I would be embarrassed if I was wearing holey underwear!".

To that, she laughed and days later, she purchased several pairs of new panties and bras for me. This morning, I didn't put on my newer undergarment because I feared embarrassment if I were to get in a car accident. I wore it because I decided that I should feel free to dress in the nicest things--even if the occasion was casual.

Why save these things for a rainy day? We should always indulge and enjoy in the simple things in life. Our fine china, silverware and glassware are not only for special ocassions.

On our way to Havasu on the US-95, Johnny made a spontaneous stop by a roadside stand selling beef jerky (one of my favorite snacks). We have been threatening to stop there every time we pass on the way to Lake Havasu and this time, we did.

We picked up three bags of Gus's Really Good Fresh Beef Jerky (I had sure hoped it was fresh and really good). I would have to say it was pretty good--moist and spicy but with the slices a little thicker than the standard, it was a little tough to chew.

I also had to grab a bag of some yummy dried mango. These dehydrated snacks weren't cheap, $8/bag of jerky and $7/bag of dried mangos. They were well worth it to have for the trip!

They also sold other items at the stand which appeared to be local goods like honey and canned olives and vegetables.

The rest of our trip was a breeze. We met with our Realtor, Michele and her husband, John. They had a beautiful home along the lake and the cutest little dog named, Gizmo, the same name Johnny had named his prize-winning cow when he was a junior in 4-H.

Michele and John drove us around the city as we walked through properties after properties. The first house (pictured at the top), was by far the best. Other houses were just plain scary--with the original orange and green carpets from the 70's!! Some of the houses we couldn't imagine that someone had lived there (who could live in some of these places). Meth addicts came to mind.

As the afternoon neared, we had made a decision on which home we would make an offer on and it was time to head for home but not without stopping by the Bob's Big Boy's for their classic burger and a chocolate coke to wash it down with! YUMM!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Bride Has Massive Hair Wig Out

I had not planned to have my wedding hair done by a professional but the day before my wedding, I was referred to a stylist so I thought 'what the heck'. The next day, on my wedding day, my hair was NOT what I had envisioned (a poor last-minute decision on my part) even though everyone thought my hair was beautiful. But it never occurred to me to chop it off! I know most brides want their special day to be absolutely PERFECT and when things go wrong, however small they may be, it can be devastating to them. Still I am shocked that this bride would do this to herself. Her wedding-do may have been bad in her opinion but not nearly as bad as after she mutilated it...LOL!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I would walk a thousand miles...

My curiosity to find out how many steps I actually take each day led me to join America on the Move. I purchased a pedometer from campus for $1 and will challenge myself to eat 100 fewer calories per day and add 2,000 extra steps each day.

I think my favorite part of this program is that I can convert my steps to miles along one of these routes: Alaskan Military Highway, China Silk Road, UK National Trail, Appalachian Trail, Highway 50, or the Lewis & Clark Trail. I have chosen the Highway 50 trail and am challenging myself to take at least 7,317 steps per day. If I reach my goal within the next 42 days, I will have (virtually) walked 3,073-miles along this historic route of what most people call "The Loneliest Road in America".

Classes have started for the Spring 2007 semester so my sedentary lifestyle has picked up a notch. No longer do I just walk to my car, drive to work, walk from the parking lot to my desk, walk within the confines of my department, walk back to my car in the parking lot, and drive home only to walk inside our house to plop on the couch for the rest of the evening. Now I make intermittent movements from my office to classes during my lunch and evenings so I am looking forward to working in a little more physical activity each day. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Lounge - Revamped

A year ago, we our first project was to remodel the living room. We were so pleased with the results of our hard work, we decided to undertake our second project on the lounge.

Though it took a year to start, Revamp Lounge, was finally completed a couple Thursdays ago. Can't believe what a big difference some paint, new lighting, and framed art can make. Here are the before and after pics.
The white walls and no-personality neutral beige paint was just blah, blah, blah...
We painted two of the walls a rich Mayan Treasure.
Then painted one of the walls Royal Red and hung nine of Michael Godard's art. They are actually calendar prints our friends, Sean and Fawn, gave to Johnny. We love his martini and olives collection.
Then installed a 5-light track lighting with amber shades to replace the low-hanging brass pendant lighting (see photo above) that was originally installed. Simply put, it was definitely not our style.
Our lounge is finally complete...almost. We still need to hang up some bamboo window coverings and find a black carpet to replace the light colored one currently on the floor. But for now, our lounge is a much more inviting and comfortable place for us to relax and sip martinis in.

~-March 4, 2007-~

We changed up the lounge though it wasn't quite finished yet. This time, we picked up a couple of mahogany java bamboo roman shades from Lowe's to replace the vinyl mini blinds and a black shag carpet to switch out with the cream colored one. Now the lounge is finished compared to what it was like a couple months before.

Friday, January 19, 2007


I'm so flippin' FRUSTRATED right now, it's UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! AAaaRGGhh!!!! Maybe my husband will want to go shooting tonight or this weekend. I need to blow something up before I go off on an innocent bystander.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Holiday Weekend

This holiday weekend is not over but yet, we've had a full weekend from the best foods to some fun at Ghost Bar and Rain. It started when my sister, Bea, flew into town from Minnesota on Thursday night. Immediately, Havi took to her and her boyfriend, Tom, sitting on their laps and cuddling with them.

The next day, my sis made a breakfast of sunny side up garlic eggs with soy sauce with hot buttered french bread with which to dip into the egg yolk. Oh--YUM! I made cranberry margaritas, a recipe borrowed from Maggie, to top off our breakfast.
Later in the afternoon, Bea, Tom and I went to lunch at the Oyster Bar in the Sunset Station Casino. We had fresh oysters on the half shell and cajun shell-on shrimp. was the perfect comfort for the cold winter Friday.

Then we had to dash to the Lao Market to shop for some ingredients to make spring rolls and fried noodles. Not just any old spring rolls and fried noodles but one of my sister's best cooking!(Drooling). John and Maggie joined us for dinner. We had appetizers of hot salame and cheeses with coconut punch like the punch we had for our wedding (ginger ale, coconut milk, lime-aid, and malibu rum). I can't express how much I enjoyed cooking with my sister and having family gathering around eating the best Laotian food which have long since touched my lips.

Saturday morning, Tom's sister drove into town from Thousand Oaks, CA. Tom went with them to try his luck at gambling on the Strip while Bea and I went to get our nails done. By the time our nails were finished, were definitely hungry and ready to eat so we met them at Margaritaville for lunch.

By the time we got home, it was time to get ready for dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib Restaurant before we head to the Ghost Bar and Rain at the Palm's Casino.

This was the Jim Brady cut that Johnny ordered but it was too rare for him so I helped him eat it--OH. YUMM!! You can't tell here but it's about 21 oz. (?) extra thick cut that's for sure!

Couple hours later, we were 55 floors up with a panoramic view of Las Vegas from inside the Ghost Bar. It was my first time there and let me know you that it was...different.

We had much more fun after we ditched Ghost Bar and entered Rain. We drank and danced the rest of the night until it was almost 2 o'clock in the morning. (That's a late night for Johnny and I).
The rest of the weekend, my sister and I visited the Laos Market and made a lunch of traditional Laotian fare. I wish I could share more but this post would take up the entire site. You can catch more photos on my Picasa Web Album. All I can say was that it was good to see my sister again and we had so much fun together!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Life Anew

It is only the tenth day of January and I feel like there's a lot is going on already. It's not. Just all in my head--I'm sure. Nevertheless, it gives me something to mull about and, of course, post and share.

Our project, Revamp Lounge, is almost complete. We've painted the walls Mayan Treasure and one wall Royal Red, then installed a 5-light track lighting with amber shades to replace this low-hanging brass pendant thing (akin to this one but it had 5 lights and was more of a pentagon shape) light that was originally installed. (Let's just say it was not our style.) All we have left to do is hang 9 framed artwork of Michael Godard. We love his martini and olives collection. Our lounge looks like a whole different room despite not having the frames up. See the before and after pictures by clicking here.

Operation: Guest Bathroom will be our next project and I think I will try this virtual painter. I am thinking of painting with cool colors like Silvery Moon or Icy Bay to go with our light gray and dark charcoal towels and stainless steel bathroom accessories we received as our wedding gifts. I think this project will turn a dull bathroom into a calm place to primp in the mornings.

(As I am sitting here on the living room couch, my cat, Havi (who is pictured here taking a little nap with my husband) is sitting next to me, fixed intently on our TV and watching Alton Brown's Good Eats on the Food Network. She appears to be amused by his demonstrations, her eyes and head following his every move and the food in the blender going 'round and 'round with this look on her face. It's so funny, I've never seen her do that--as if she is actually interested in learning how to make Mighty Duck...LOL!! When the commercials came on, advertising a pickup trick, she got up and trotted off to go nap at the far end of the couch, where she still lies until I go to bed.)

Speaking of bed, I think it's time to do just that. I accepted a position in another department and gave notice in my current department today so there will be lots to do until my resignation. I need to be well rested and have energy for the next few weeks as the spring semester starts and I will be taking my last four classes needed to fulfill my finance degree requirements.

I have family from out-of-town visiting this holiday weekend so it will most definitely be a FULL weekend of entertaining, sightseeing, and catching up on each other's lives. Should I just sit them in front of my laptop and have them read my blog archives? ;)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Preventative Medicine

Before the new year, many people around me got sick including my husband so it is a wonder why I still have not caught the cold, flu or bronchitis that has been going around. THIS is the BIGGEST reason...
And I swear by it!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

After a breakfast of eggs over easy and ham, we dumped our boat into Lake Mead for its first run of the year. John and Maggie joined us for the fun. After a lunch of warm tomato soup, delicious turkey sandwich with stuffing and cranberry sauce, a side of pickles and sweet Italian peppers, topped off with hot coffee, we headed home. Down went the Christmas lights around the house and we started working on our first project of the year--painting the smaller living room (Havi was great company). I think it's gonna be another great new year!

Johnny pulls the boat out of the garage.

Gassing up!

Picked up Johnny's mom and dad.

Out on the lake again--hot summers or cooler winters!

The lake was so calm and quiet.

On our way home on the I-515. I love that you can pretty much see the Strip from almost anywhere and it looks beautiful at night just as much as it does during the day.

We started painting the smaller living room while Havi supervised.

I did not make any resolutions this year. The way I see it, every day I wake up is a chance to better myself, I don't need to wait until the new year. Each day, I try to:
*eat less salt (this is the hardest because an abundance of it is in the foods I love like beef jerky and Tabasco)
*drink more water
*take my daily vitamin and extra calcium
*rest more (on the new Sealy Posturepedic we bought ourselves for Christmas)
*make more time for physical activity (nevermind, why try to fool myself?) We did get ourselves bikes for Christmas so we can ride around together. Mine and Johnny's. (By the way, he's been jumping it and pulling tricks and has already scraped up his new bike [rolling my eyes])

My personal hobby goals I continually strive to do is to read more (not including textbooks) and scrapbooking.

That's good enough for now. Time to prepare for work tomorrow, after a nice long week off since Christmas, it's time to get back to reality. I'll say it again, I think it's gonna be another great year!! :)