Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Party, Concert & Snow!!

Daly and Johnny at Harley Davidson Holiday Party
This month has just flown by since our return from Cabo. I dove right into finals and work wasn't any less crazy.
This past Sunday, we attended the annual Harley-Davidson Holiday Party that my husband's work held at the Harley-Davidson Cafe on the Strip.

Since then, we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform at the New Orleans arena. Our friends scored us several box office tickets and so Johnny's parents and I were able to go. This was my first time and, Maggie, Johnny's mom (who has attended their concerts many times before) said this was their best performance yet. All I can say was they were AMAZING and I was glad I got to see them!!

Shopping has been last on my list of priorities this year--I've been a bad girl. Maggie helped me catch up in one day and then the next day, Johnny and I ventured out into the madness of cars and people scurrying to find those last-minute special gifts.

We spontaneously splurged and treated ourselves to a couple new bicycles. We needed another hobby to do together while winter passes. I got the Giant Yukon and Johnny's Giant STP Dirt Jumper is on order (so he's been "test riding" mine).

Talk about treats. I think our biggest treat to each other this Christmas is our new Cal-King bed! We were SO due for a new bed and so after spending hours laying around on beds and putting through our five-point tests, we decided on one.

Earlier this week, we woke up to what we hope will be a white Christmas. Can you believe it snowed in Henderson, NV?? (Henderson is just outside of the Las Vegas area). I had thrown away my snow brush/ice scraper a LONG time ago when I moved to Redondo Beach, CA and didn't think I would need it in Vegas either!!

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