Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Party, Concert & Snow!!

Daly and Johnny at Harley Davidson Holiday Party
This month has just flown by since our return from Cabo. I dove right into finals and work wasn't any less crazy.
This past Sunday, we attended the annual Harley-Davidson Holiday Party that my husband's work held at the Harley-Davidson Cafe on the Strip.

Since then, we went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform at the New Orleans arena. Our friends scored us several box office tickets and so Johnny's parents and I were able to go. This was my first time and, Maggie, Johnny's mom (who has attended their concerts many times before) said this was their best performance yet. All I can say was they were AMAZING and I was glad I got to see them!!

Shopping has been last on my list of priorities this year--I've been a bad girl. Maggie helped me catch up in one day and then the next day, Johnny and I ventured out into the madness of cars and people scurrying to find those last-minute special gifts.

We spontaneously splurged and treated ourselves to a couple new bicycles. We needed another hobby to do together while winter passes. I got the Giant Yukon and Johnny's Giant STP Dirt Jumper is on order (so he's been "test riding" mine).

Talk about treats. I think our biggest treat to each other this Christmas is our new Cal-King bed! We were SO due for a new bed and so after spending hours laying around on beds and putting through our five-point tests, we decided on one.

Earlier this week, we woke up to what we hope will be a white Christmas. Can you believe it snowed in Henderson, NV?? (Henderson is just outside of the Las Vegas area). I had thrown away my snow brush/ice scraper a LONG time ago when I moved to Redondo Beach, CA and didn't think I would need it in Vegas either!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Diploma for a Pinto

I am sitting here studying for my last final of the semester, the day when I will finally have a diploma in hand seems so far away, when this thought slowly crept into my head which I simply had to ponder, "What, exactly, does having a diploma really mean?" As I had mentioned in an earlier post, is it really just a piece of paper or does it says something about your image, a staus symbol,--much like a car does?

To have a diploma from any of the ivy league schools is like saying, I drive a Mercedes or BMW--in fact, I may drive several. Like a luxury car, I think a diploma represents how much was paid for it (or how broke a person can get to afford it...LOL!!).

On the other hand, to have a diploma from...I'll pick on UNLV, is like saying, I drive a Honda Civic--in fact, if my modest but reliable car broke down, I may need to resort to public transportation, my trusty bicycle or better yet--hitchhiking (yeah...I might be mistaken for an independent contractor a/k/a a prostitute especially here in Vegas). But then again, I would've saved so much money by attending UNLV rather than an ivy-league that I could afford to buy a new Civic--CASH!!

After all, a diploma doesn't make the person, right? It takes a dedicated, intelligent person to earn the diploma. So as I am months away from when I will finally achieve a degree in Finance, I think, it would be nice to have that piece of paper--even if it says I drive a Pinto.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Back from Cabo

We are back from Cabo and I apologize for not having posted pictures. During our entire trip, we were able to get a signal on our cell phones but no network (grrr...T-mobile) but our friends, who had Verizon, were able to make phone calls.

I just wanted to post something really quick so as to not keep friends and family wondering whether we made it back or not...LOL!!

You can see pictures from our trip below. I haven't uploaded all of them but will as soon as I get a chance.

Day 1 - We depart Vegas for some Cabo vacation, lunch at bar overlooking the beach, and delicious dinner at Tomates! Day 2 - Breakfast at Tomates, beach time, swimup pool time and dinner at romantic Thai cuisine restaurant, Pitahayas. Day 3 - Exploration of downtown Cabo and the marina with friends, total beach time and rooftop dinner at Girasoles. Day 4 - Bloody Mary breakfast, pool time and ATV riding adventure through the hills of Cabo and along the beach into the sunset. Day 5 - Big fishing day, lunch at Margaritavilla and yummy seafood dinner at Gholandrina. Day 6 - Whew! A break from all our activities. Pool and beach day ALL DAY!! Day 7 - Johnny and I took a quick trip into downtown Cabo for some shopping and seafood at a recommended restaurant for one of the best seafood but stumble upon the best authenic Mexican food we've had so far! Beach time and dinner at Romeo and Julieta for some Italian food. Day 8 - Our last day in Cabo. Quick breakfast at Tomates, pool time before heading back to Las Vegas to the comfort of home. Our parents pick us up from the airport with hot dinner of home cooked roast beef, potatoes and fresh salad in hand. And the best ending to a trip...Havi!! It's good to be back but was SO COLD!! ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~. ~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~. ~ ~.~ ~.~

1) Let's see...when we returned, we picked up my truck from the shop for repairs that were my boo-boo.

2) Havi is getting declawed tomorrow.

3) Johnny finished putting up lights for the house. I've been having bad luck with light bulbs today. I blew the one in my desk lamp at work and today, I plugged in the lights for my honey to see when he came home and they didn't light up. Hmm...appears I blew something up when I unplugged them this morning.

We have a LONG way to go to even compare to our neighbors but it's more than last year. Inside our house is usually decked a little bit better.

We got our tree (YAY!!) but he's really naked right now but Havi loves climbing him and playing with the branches.

4) I'm in the week before finals...trying not to lose my head. One day at a time.