Saturday, November 11, 2006

Police "Brutality"

This video of police "brutality" recently covered by the news was posted on YouTube. The comment for the video says, "These are 1 of 3 short clips of footage that was caught on tape of the LAPigD beating up an innocent man in Hollywood,CA a few months ago."

Uhm...hello, if he was "innocent", why would the officers have punched him?

In the video, you can hear the arrested, Cardenas, repeatedly say he can't breathe. Uhm...hello, why is he talking if he can't breathe and the pressure of the officer's knee on his neck so great, it blocked his air pathway?

Lastly, according to the news, Cardenas is a convicted gang member and with that track record, it's no surprise why the officers were trying to arrest him.

I don't blame the officers for treating him the way they did. They were only trying to detain him because he was resisting arrest. He should've stopped his crying and stop resisting arrest by letting the officers cuff him. They would've simply taken the pressure off his throat and stopped punching him immediately. Besides, I am sure that Cardenas has experienced more "brutality" in his gang life relative to the flaccid punches from the officers.

I'm not saying I condone what the officers did to get Cardenas' compliance but I don't blame them for what they had to do.

If Cardenas truly did nothing wrong and was "innocent", he would not have been in that position in the first place.

I'm so sick of cops being blamed for doing their job.

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