Thursday, November 02, 2006


Check out this wreath of hot peppers Johnny's mom brought back for us from her trip to Seattle, WA!! She knows EXACTLY just what we like. (Don't worry, I won't eat it because it's just way too pretty.)

This weekend, I will be doing homework, studying for a test next week, at a baby shower (that'll be fun!) and going to Havasu.

Our boat has been in a shop in CA for its first scheduled maintenance. The guys at Lightning Custom Boats have been so nice in picking it up (halfway in Baker, CA) and dropping it off (in Havasu this weekend).

I think Johnny and I will just take it easy this time...park in the channel and have lunch at one of the hotels along the water. Maybe we'll have to test the boat in the open waters, too! They say she should be hitting 60 m.p.h. this time.

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