Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We're here!

I caught a free wi-fi signal while having lunch at Baja Cantina at the Cabo Marina in downtown Los Cabos and had to post a couple pics while I could.

We're having a blast eating, tanning and enjoying the sun and drinking (maybe too much...LOL). The resort and view is amazing!

I'd love to post more pics but it's rather difficult with my PDA as I am (for once) without my laptop on a trip.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

Are me and my baggages permitted?

As our departure for Cabo nears, many things wandered through my mind. You see, since coming to the states, I've never left the borders. Not to Tijuana or anywhere else overseas except to Canada. So I'm little bit...nervous. Okay, I admit (ahem) I am scared...just a little.

Especially with the recent ban on liquids, gels and aerosols placed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), I'm now clueless as to what could not be carried on board commercial aircrafts.

My husband, the sweetie he is and always thinking about me, sent me a link to the TSA's site where they list all the permitted and prohibited items (pretty lenient in my humble opinion).

I was relieved to learn that I can indeed carry on my person, eye drops and saline solution as well as (solid) makeup.

But what was even more surprising was that "Items used to augment the body for medical or cosmetic reasons such as mastectomy products, prosthetic breasts, bras or shells containing gels, saline solution [...]" are permitted.

Boy was I really glad to know that I will not have to extract these items from my body for our trip. I simply would not be able to wear all the new bikinis I got from Malibu Strings!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sweet November

Sorry I haven't had a chance to write anything lately. Things are getting crazy with the semester nearing an end and with the holidays lurking just around the corner. Next week is Thanksgiving, the following week Johnny and I are (finally) going to Cabo for a delayed honeymoon and when I return, it will be study week followed by finals week--YIKES!!

Though I am sincerely excited about our vacation, it will be hard to get school off my mind but I will try my darn best to stop thinking about it (temporarily) and simply just enjoy. I'm sure once I stick my feet in the sand and sip margaritas to the crash of the waves from the sea hitting the gulf (I'm imagining something like the Corona commercials), all thoughts will soon melt away.

We've been watching the weather in Cabo and the temperatures have been in the high 80's, low 70's but with 65% humidity, it should be warm enough to lie in the sand and sip margaritas all day. That's all we want to do for a couple of days before we venture out to try any of the tourist activities. Watch these live cams at the Mango Deck and at M├ędano Beach, you just might see us there!

The last time Johnny and I took a week long vacation together, we went to Hawaii and had the best time. But it's rainy season this time of the year in Hawaii so we opted for Cabo San Lucas instead! I am really looking forward to when our campus closes for the week of Christmas through New Year's day because THAT will certainly be a nice little break from work and classes!

Though I've been feeling burned out for the last few weeks, I just have to keep in mind that I only have four more classes left to take until my degree requirements are fulfilled. As long as I don't crash and burn before then, I think (gosh darnit) I will survive.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Almost a year in pics

Police "Brutality"

This video of police "brutality" recently covered by the news was posted on YouTube. The comment for the video says, "These are 1 of 3 short clips of footage that was caught on tape of the LAPigD beating up an innocent man in Hollywood,CA a few months ago."

Uhm...hello, if he was "innocent", why would the officers have punched him?

In the video, you can hear the arrested, Cardenas, repeatedly say he can't breathe. Uhm...hello, why is he talking if he can't breathe and the pressure of the officer's knee on his neck so great, it blocked his air pathway?

Lastly, according to the news, Cardenas is a convicted gang member and with that track record, it's no surprise why the officers were trying to arrest him.

I don't blame the officers for treating him the way they did. They were only trying to detain him because he was resisting arrest. He should've stopped his crying and stop resisting arrest by letting the officers cuff him. They would've simply taken the pressure off his throat and stopped punching him immediately. Besides, I am sure that Cardenas has experienced more "brutality" in his gang life relative to the flaccid punches from the officers.

I'm not saying I condone what the officers did to get Cardenas' compliance but I don't blame them for what they had to do.

If Cardenas truly did nothing wrong and was "innocent", he would not have been in that position in the first place.

I'm so sick of cops being blamed for doing their job.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stick for Toilet Paper

I have this friend who is just about 8 months pregnant. This is her and her husband's first child so pregnancy is very new to her. She is constantly discovering the "joys" of being pregnant, some are delightful and some are...surprising.

Earlier today, she comes to me crying. "What's wrong?" I asked her. She had just returned from using the restroom and, in more or less words, said she was frustrated with not being able to have the same range of movement as she had before the big belly emerged. (I don't really want to elaborate but, for those of you who've never been pregnant, try to imagine what it's like to have a big belly impeding on your ability to perform female hygiene the way you would like to.)

She felt she needed a stick to be able to reach certain areas which instantly reminded me of my experiences as a child living in refugee camps. Her situation is certainly not funny but thinking back to what I had to do made me chuckle.

When my family lived in the refugee camps of Thailand, toilet paper was a luxury item. The economy way to go was a dry stick (that, I remembered using). When our family could afford toilet paper, we rationed one square per person, per trip. One square, I kid you not. (Luckily, I didn't have much surface to clean then as I do now...LOL!)

Long story short, I eventually got really creative with my one square, getting the most surface area I possibly could. I would have certainly been the one to invent origami if it hadn't already been invented by then.

Now whenever I pull on a roll of TP, I think nothing of when I only had to work with a single square (and certainly will never go back to using a twig).

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Check out this wreath of hot peppers Johnny's mom brought back for us from her trip to Seattle, WA!! She knows EXACTLY just what we like. (Don't worry, I won't eat it because it's just way too pretty.)

This weekend, I will be doing homework, studying for a test next week, at a baby shower (that'll be fun!) and going to Havasu.

Our boat has been in a shop in CA for its first scheduled maintenance. The guys at Lightning Custom Boats have been so nice in picking it up (halfway in Baker, CA) and dropping it off (in Havasu this weekend).

I think Johnny and I will just take it easy this time...park in the channel and have lunch at one of the hotels along the water. Maybe we'll have to test the boat in the open waters, too! They say she should be hitting 60 m.p.h. this time.