Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Silver Lining

Despite it being gloomy, rainy and, at times, drizzly, today was a much better day! It was helpful that I talked to my co-workers about why I was so sad and they listened with empathy. I am lucky to have a boss who cares about us as individuals. She comes in every morning and, without fail, we chat about what's happening with our personal lives.

When the business day was over, I went to my second class for the day, Real Estate Finance. My instructor, who's reminds me of Al Pacino the way his lectures are so explosive but yet funny, in his entertaining way made the class pass by quickly. FIN 432 was also my last class for the week so I was relieved to finally go home but then I noticed the beautiful clouds and night sky (Johnny would be going to Costco and then dinner with his dad so I wasn't too anxious to get home).

View of the Strip from my office windowI went back to my office to take this picture and use the restroom before I hit the road (Not a great pic because of the lighting conditions and my window was dirty from the rain earlier today but I still think the scenery is still beautiful). As the rain was pouring down this afternoon, I had thought that one of the reasons why I LOVE living in Las Vegas is because it rains less than 30 days a year on average (compared to Seattle-Tacoma, WA (158 days) and New York, NY (110 days) just about triple Vegas' average. I have family living in both places, bless their hearts). Besides that, it's gloriously sunny...and dry (not humid). (I will go off on a tangent here about Vegas. I can eat at the finest restaurants and wander around one of the top destinations of the world one minute and then be out in the desert where there's little signs of life shooting targets or out on the peaceful lake, tanning my beautiful golden ass within 20 minutes! Or go skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, dirt bike riding--it's crazy. And I use to think Vegas was just a bunch of trailor homes. For those of you who've only visited the strips, there are surrounding areas of Vegas you should explore the next time you're here such as Summerlin, Henderson (where my husband and I live) and Boulder City. I LOVE this place!!)

So...on my way home, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some items and while I was getting some Hazelnut cream flavored decaf coffee beans (uhmmm...), I heard a small voice over the intercom. It was a little girl singing her dad a happy birthday song followed by someone (must've been her mom) who said, and many more! That just made my day! I think it's sweet that people still find creative ways to wish someone a happy birthday but the deeper meaning was that they were saying, 'I still love you'. (I think love has no shame)

Fall is not as noticeable in Las Vegas area, not like it is in Washington, but I did notice that there were a lot more variety of apples in season. I miss the times when I lived in Spokane, sister and I would visit the local orchards and pick fresh, ripe apples and peaches every year. applesThose fruits were much crunchier, jucier and bursting with more flavor than these store-bought produce but still...they are beautiful.

Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Gala and Jonagold...I picked up several of each--all for us to eat. I love that they're so juicy, sweet, crisp, and (my favorite) sweet-tarts.

After I got home, I made a myself a drink, gin and tonic--aahhh, just hits the spot. So thirst quenching. I use to not like gin because the juniper berries, primarily used to flavor it, tasted like Pine Sol to me but now I just love it! (Johnny came home right when I did and he helped me unload the groceries, then he unloaded the dishwasher and scooped the kitty litter box while chatting with me. I love it when he's seems we never have enough time together.)

After he settled down, drink in my hand, I hung around the kitchen and made Witchy Fingers from a recipe I found on Taste of Home. The recipe called for cinnamon sugar but because I don't have much of a sweet/sugar tooth (opposite of Johnny), I used garlic breadsticks instead of regular breadsticks and nixed the sugar sprinkles (I'll post the recipe soon but it's pretty easy to make). Daly's version of Witchy FingersInstead of jam (for the red area around the "nails"), I used ketchup and sliced almonds for the "nails". Here you can see the finished pieces (you can see our kitty in the background) but there wasn't much left after I did one too many taste testing :). They look bone dry and brittle but they're pretty damn good--especially when they're piping hot and dipped in warm pizza sauce...YUM!!

Every year, our friends invite us to their Halloween bash. Last year, I made Kitty Litter Cake, a recipe I got from my friend, Annejelynn. The cake was certainly the hit of the party and I think my Witchy Fingers will definitely be the center of attention again this year!


Shaida said...

i love vegas too and your witchy fingers are so cool

Hello Daly said...

Thanks, Shaida! I put some in a plastic sandwich bag for lunch at work today and showed one of our faculty members. He was startled upon seeing them because I had said, "Look, my fingers!"...LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the fingers look really good in the pix. Even more realistic than in person...

You are quite the little Martha Stewart..

Love ya,