Monday, October 16, 2006

Meet Havi

I'm sorry to say that Little Bear didn't work out. After three weeks, she hasn't adjusted to her new home and we decided to take her back to the shelter on Saturday. I felt aweful but she wasn't becoming any friendlier despite the care and love we gave her. She didn't mind being around us but if we tried to pet her, she'd run off. Many times she's just jump away, puffed up and spooked. So what was the point of having a pet we can't even pet but yet we fed and scooped her litter day after day? Little Bear might be better off with another family but we wanted a pet who was deserving of our attention and TLC.

Finding Havi made it all worth it because had I not taken Little Bear back, I wouldn't have found her. She was all alone in her cage, reaching out for me. She cried the loudest out of all the kitties and when I approached her, she leaned and rubbed against the cage--begging to be petted. There was no doubt that this was teh friendly cat for us.

At 12 weeks old, Havi sort of reminded me of Winnie. She curiously scanned our house when I brought her home. She didn't run under the bed.

Except she is SO affectionate. Likes to be petted and held. She doesn't flinch when we reach out for her, she doesn't run away in fear.

Always follows us everywhere we go. She likes to be with us.

That's how I got all these pictures!

Sunday, we took our boat out on Lake Mead to test the GPS speed. It was clear that summer was over because it was SO COLD, especially with the wind chill factor. Luckily, Johnny brought my sweatshirt (he knows I freeze anytime the temperature dips below 90 degrees). (To be continued)

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Anonymous said...

l a m e s t .
v i d e o .
e v a r .

Annejelynn said...

'anonymous' is a lame-O and a chicken shit, as are all anonymous commenters...

Hello Daly said...

so...p i t i f u l

Anonymous said...

so...p i t i f u l

Agreed. A perfect word to describe that clip.

Anonymous said...

No, lame-O...she meant you. How predictably immature was your response?

Anonymous said...

I think I like this pussycat better:

Hello Daly said...

Nice try, lame-O, but it's obvious the comment was directed at you. Otherwise, I would've inserted the critique of my video in my post. Your comment was simply uncalled for.

Thanks, Annejelynn and anonymous (not lame-O), for your comments.

Really, why should I care what lame-O thinks of my video? It is not as if lame-O is someone important or of significance to me.

I have willingly allowed any and all comments to be posted here, ignoring the fact that I am the ultimate moderator of this blog. Seeing that there has not been a single positive comment from a certain someone, I will have to assert my authority as the mod.

While I won't go through any extra effort to keep the aforementioned person from visiting my blog, I will block new comments from lame-O and delete any future inappropriate comments from any others alike. However, rather than deleting the posted comments, I will display them as examples of "comments not welcome here".

As for the last comment from lame-O, thank you but I really don’t need any more flattery as I receive plenty of compliments from my husband on a daily basis. It is not my desire to fish for attention or lip service by posting my pics.