Friday, October 27, 2006

Could it be worse?

Having finished decorating for a surprise birthday party that was soon to start, I went to move my car parked nearby so the birthday girl wouldn't catch my Nevada license plates (which would definitely spoil the element of suprise).

As I backed out of the parking spot, I didn't see the yellow 4-foot pole behind me and smacked right into it with my Durango. My smiling face gave way to sheer horror as I jumped out of the car to investigate the damage, dreading the phone call I would soon make to Johnny to tell him of my avoidable fender bender.

We just got the car back from the shop less than 2 mos. ago after it was rear ended (twice) in August on my way to work!

Repair estimate: $1,000.53

I am SO bummed! That would have been money better spent while we're in Cabo in just a few weeks. That's A WHOLE LOT of margaritas!!

My fender bender is SO MINOR compared to the unfortunate incident my friend Annejelynn had to go through only a couple days later. To that, I gotta say HOLY CRAP!(Pictures here and here).

To answer my own question, it could have been worse for me.

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