Saturday, October 07, 2006

Another Trip to Lake Havasu

This past weekend, Johnny and I decided to get away for a little while. Just us two as we drove down to Lake Havasu, AZ. We rented a friend's condo for a couple nights. As we entered the grounds, white-tailed rabbits were hopping across the lawn--so many of them!

As soon as we parked the boat, we went in search of a small Tex-Mex restaurant chain called Chuy's. Our friend's recommendation didn't steer us wrong as we entered the restaurant. We were immediately greeted by a loud bellowing, "Hey folks! How are you doing tonight?! There's chips and salsa at the bar and you can order your food and drinks over here (he pointed at the counter)".

I looked around and the interior was just wild! EVERY inch of the walls were covered with graffiti-like artwork, plastic chickens hanging from the ceiling and lots of interesting stuff. Even the headrest above seats were carved and painted into cartoonish characters. I loved the 11th commandment they displayed on the wall that said, "Thou shall eat chicken!" and chicken we ate.

Our dinner was absolutely fun and delicious! I had a mix of BBQ and hot shrimp. They are SO yummy and not breaded. Johnny had a sampler of their well-known BBQ, beef tri-tip, mesquite shrimp, rice and side of tortillas. Later, that same bellowing bartender came to chat with us. He even brought me a bunch of serrano peppers after Johnny mentioned I liked my food hot. We didn't even have to ask, he willingly offered.

Every time we're in Havasu, we noticed the customer service is always great. The friendliest people and not even pretentious!

The next day, we towed the boat right down to the water and launched. The day started out cool but warmed up later. Clusters of boats gathered around the Naked Turtle Bar...I guess it was an Advantage regatta.

We went further down the river and explored other parts of the river we had never seen before. Speeding across the surface of Lake Mead, ducks dove underwater to escape our turbulence as we flew past other boats. We stopped by Copper Canyon and checked out the houses along the California coast.

By afternoon, we headed towards the Sand Bar, our favorite spot on the lake, but the lake was 3-4 inches lower so we decided not to try and cross some of the shallow places to get through. We moored at the channel and chatted with some other nice folks who parked near us and watched other boats pass by.

The sun was near setting so we decided to pull the boat out of the water. I had to back the truck and trailer down for what would be my third time. The other two crash courses I had was during Labor Day weekend on Lake Mead. shouldn't seen the sight. It's not as easy at it looks! But this time, I backed the truck down no problem and after I pulled the boat out of the water, I was greeted by cheers and congratulations.

The night was still young and when we returned to the condo, we asked a neighbor where we should go for steak and seafood dinner. He suggested without hesitation Shugru at the Ramada Inn along the lake and to Shugru's we went.

We had a fantastic time at the bar with our drinks before we sat down for dinner. I had ahi tuna and Johnny had steak. We got so much food, we couldn't finish it all!!

As we left Shugru's, I heard, "Hey, good job on backing the boat down!" as I looked back. Apparantly one of the guys from the launch recognized me...and so did his buddies as they stepped outside the restaurant to congratulate me.

(To be continued...)


ik said...

Your doing well and lookin good. Thats nice to see.

Hello Daly said...

Thanks, IK. Hope all is well with you and you have a happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin 'bout!

Where do y'all hit it on that tiny boat?

Hello Daly said...

If there's room for 8 people on our boat, surely there's plenty of room for two people to frolic around. This boat's hull is like ours but instead of a cutout mid cuddy cabin, it's closed...

I honestly don't know how people can handle it in a two-door pickup. If they can do that, a boat's even better because it rocks.

Jeff said...

Hey looks great just moved to Havasu from Seattle and lovin it, let me know if ya guys/girls need anything or just wanna hook up for fun when you come down next. If we all get to know each other you two or more can stay at my house when in Havasu which is big with room for boat(s) Jeff