Friday, September 22, 2006

The Stupid Click-the-Box Game

I had a couple minutes to kill before 5 p.m. so I tested my mouse clicking skills on the Stupide Click-the-Box Game and got a 53 on the first try.

How many boxes can you check in one minute? The Stupid Click-the-Box Game


The Man said...

You have great hand skills. I only got 33, which I guess is borderline tard.

Found your site by doing a Google image search on pro golfer (and tremendous fat pig) John Daly. Your pics stood out, bigtime.

Question: why are Asian women so into white dudes. The ethnic "joke" has always been that black men cannot resist a white woman, but truth be told, it seems like almost every Asian woman in America dates a white guy.

I guess you could reverse the logic on me and ask why white men disproportionately dig Asian women, but there's a big difference: you have a choice. And I would bet 80% of the time, the Asian-American woman chooses the white male (you know I'm right, witness yourself). And it never fails that the better looking the woman, the more certain it she is with a white man (again, witness yourself).

What are your honest thoughts about this phenomenon?

Hello Daly said...

Uhmm...I don't know. It seems like almost every white women I know is dating a white guy, too.

While I can't speak for every Asian women, I can share my reasons and personal experiences:

-Maybe Asian men are scarce. Wherever I've lived and worked the majority of men were white (or maybe I only saw white men) but the Asian men were nowhere to be found.
-It was also hard for me to find an Asian guy who I was attracted to that was taller than me.
-The Asians I dated were too traditional even though they were Americanized like me (some were first-generation). They wanted a submissive wife to cook, clean and wait on them hand and foot without reciprocity while they themselves gambled, drank and cared less about getting anywhere in life. Seriously, can you see me in that role? ROFL!!

So I expanded my dating palette and it just so happened that the guy I fell in love with was, you guess it, white.

However, you do have a good point. To support your case, all my sisters are married to white men. My guess is that their husbands treat them better than their Asian ex-boyfriends/ex-husband had. You know, I think I just hit the nail squarely on the head with that assumption.

Answer this? Why is it that we have a choice and you don't? I don't practice witchcraft--I swear!