Saturday, September 23, 2006

Songs I'm Stuck On

I feel I must post a little explanation for my choices of songs I chose for the music player (in the right margin of this site).

Everything U R was somewhat influential in my decision to move to Vegas. Behind These Hazel Eyes (Joe Bermudez/Josh Harris Mixshow Edit) is a song I like to rock out to. I love the sampling in the background.

The rest of the songs are some of the songs I like to work out to and we've been listening to them on our boat when we're out on the lakes. The catchy beats put me in a happy mood trance.
As for the Paris Hilton song, Stars are Blind...well, eh...I like the tune? I have no reason to hate her and just because there are people who don't like her for whatever reason doesn't mean I can't give the song a fair chance. In a sick way I really like the tropical tune because I love anything tropical.

The video, on the other hand, was disappointing. I expected her to do something creative and different than most videos out there who try to appeal sexually--in other words something other than what she normally does.

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