Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hello Kitty and Shooting Weekend

Please welcome our new member of the family, Skillet! Well...we haven't given her a permanent name yet. But since she's black and has a cute pug face, Johnny named her after the cookware.

We also considered, Little Bear, because she looks like a miniature bear. Her hair is so soft and dense--she's just CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!

SkilletShe's very hard to take pictures of because she's so dark. I hope to post more pics. We adopted her September 17th so she's just starting to warm up to us though she's never been afraid to share the bed with us at night.

SkilletThis past weekend, I spent way too much time on my blog but I needed to catch up on some postings. Sunday, I went shooting with Johnny and his parents.

Johnny and his dadThough this was the second time I went shooting (the first time I used a shot gun and one that had a pump), I still felt like an amateur--especially when shooting with Merciless Maggie and Nevada John.

Daly in desertThe day was beautiful! Clear blue skies, slight breeze in the air with temperatures around low 80's. The range was booked that day with junior training so we headed outside Boulder City limits to the open desert.

Daly shooting AK-47I shot an AK-47

Maggie shoots 9mm
My mother-in-law, Maggie, was also with us. She's a sharp shooter and they don't call her Merciless Maggie for nothin'!

Johnny shooting AK-47Then it was Johnny's turn.

Johnny shooting AK-47I wouldn't want to compete with him!

Daly shooting 9MM I think my favorite is the 9MM. What a fun weekend we had!


Dano said...

Looks like fun!! Who was most accurate?

Hello Daly said...

I would have to say Maggie. She pops the targets like they're nothing! One right after the other...LOL!!!