Thursday, September 14, 2006


Coming back from class to work, I stumbled upon a wad of cash. I picked it up the bulk of the wad, it was wrapped in a 20 dollar bill and the rest was drifting in the wind, a couple $5 bills. As I picked up the $5, a man nearby picked up the other $5 and said to me, "What are we going to do with it?"

Though it crossed my mind for a split second to take it, my conscious instantly felt guilty. "Take to campus police" was the first response to him.

He looked at me surprise, "Really?". He had gray hair, looked to be in his 60's and since he wasn't carrying much but a piece of paper with two pens tucked in his shirt, I thought he was a faculty member.

I was suprised by his response. I guess he though we were going to split it. Finders keepers. Disgusted I shoved the wad of cash I had in my hand to him. He fanned through it and I could see there was at least another $20. A mere $50 was not worth the guilt I would feel for taking money that clearly wasn't scattered across campus for people to find but that someone had lost.

He mumbled, "Uh, oh...I'm going into the office over here." motioning to the entrance to the building where I worked.

That was the last I saw of him. I would have wanted to keep the money too but I knew that if I had lost at least $50, I would've wished that a good samaritan would turn it in. I am not saying I am a good samaritan but my feelings of guilt were far heavier than my greed.


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