Saturday, September 23, 2006

Everything U R

I heard this song a long time ago, when my then, boyfriend (now husband), and I were living two states apart and dating long distance for a year and a half. I was finishing up my A.A. in Economics at LAVC and was trying to decide between staying in CA and transferring to USC, UCLA or move to Vegas, where he lived to be with him. I had to make a decision this time because I had put off moving so many times before but this was it--I had to move or move on.

Obviously, I decided on the latter. Hugely because I realized no matter where I was, I wouldn't be happy if I wasn't with him. It hurt me to leave friends I loved like a family, a job I loved going to each day because of the people I worked with, and that little apartment in the little town of Burbank that had become my home but I wanted to be with the love of my life more. I realized that I will always have my friends, I'm not going away forever...just four hours away where we can always visit each other but Johnny was who I couldn't continue living so far away from. I knew that if we were going to start our lives together, we had to start by being under the same roof.

And so I had this song in my head called, "Everything U R" by Lindsay Pagano. You can hear it in the music player along the right of this page. But the words of the song rang in my ear:

"And as long as you are mine
I will take the time
To let you know
What I feel 'cause

All I need
Is everything you are,

I will lead or follow
To be with you tomorrow"

Everything you are is everything I need and without you I would never be again.

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