Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hello Kitty and Shooting Weekend

Please welcome our new member of the family, Skillet! Well...we haven't given her a permanent name yet. But since she's black and has a cute pug face, Johnny named her after the cookware.

We also considered, Little Bear, because she looks like a miniature bear. Her hair is so soft and dense--she's just CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!

SkilletShe's very hard to take pictures of because she's so dark. I hope to post more pics. We adopted her September 17th so she's just starting to warm up to us though she's never been afraid to share the bed with us at night.

SkilletThis past weekend, I spent way too much time on my blog but I needed to catch up on some postings. Sunday, I went shooting with Johnny and his parents.

Johnny and his dadThough this was the second time I went shooting (the first time I used a shot gun and one that had a pump), I still felt like an amateur--especially when shooting with Merciless Maggie and Nevada John.

Daly in desertThe day was beautiful! Clear blue skies, slight breeze in the air with temperatures around low 80's. The range was booked that day with junior training so we headed outside Boulder City limits to the open desert.

Daly shooting AK-47I shot an AK-47

Maggie shoots 9mm
My mother-in-law, Maggie, was also with us. She's a sharp shooter and they don't call her Merciless Maggie for nothin'!

Johnny shooting AK-47Then it was Johnny's turn.

Johnny shooting AK-47I wouldn't want to compete with him!

Daly shooting 9MM I think my favorite is the 9MM. What a fun weekend we had!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Songs I'm Stuck On

I feel I must post a little explanation for my choices of songs I chose for the music player (in the right margin of this site).

Everything U R was somewhat influential in my decision to move to Vegas. Behind These Hazel Eyes (Joe Bermudez/Josh Harris Mixshow Edit) is a song I like to rock out to. I love the sampling in the background.

The rest of the songs are some of the songs I like to work out to and we've been listening to them on our boat when we're out on the lakes. The catchy beats put me in a happy mood trance.
As for the Paris Hilton song, Stars are Blind...well, eh...I like the tune? I have no reason to hate her and just because there are people who don't like her for whatever reason doesn't mean I can't give the song a fair chance. In a sick way I really like the tropical tune because I love anything tropical.

The video, on the other hand, was disappointing. I expected her to do something creative and different than most videos out there who try to appeal sexually--in other words something other than what she normally does.

Everything U R

I heard this song a long time ago, when my then, boyfriend (now husband), and I were living two states apart and dating long distance for a year and a half. I was finishing up my A.A. in Economics at LAVC and was trying to decide between staying in CA and transferring to USC, UCLA or move to Vegas, where he lived to be with him. I had to make a decision this time because I had put off moving so many times before but this was it--I had to move or move on.

Obviously, I decided on the latter. Hugely because I realized no matter where I was, I wouldn't be happy if I wasn't with him. It hurt me to leave friends I loved like a family, a job I loved going to each day because of the people I worked with, and that little apartment in the little town of Burbank that had become my home but I wanted to be with the love of my life more. I realized that I will always have my friends, I'm not going away forever...just four hours away where we can always visit each other but Johnny was who I couldn't continue living so far away from. I knew that if we were going to start our lives together, we had to start by being under the same roof.

And so I had this song in my head called, "Everything U R" by Lindsay Pagano. You can hear it in the music player along the right of this page. But the words of the song rang in my ear:

"And as long as you are mine
I will take the time
To let you know
What I feel 'cause

All I need
Is everything you are,

I will lead or follow
To be with you tomorrow"

Everything you are is everything I need and without you I would never be again.

Lyrics from

Guest from Kenya

I have this link to a guest map on my blog (look along the far right under Hello: Fun Stuff) where visitors can place their pin and was surprised to see a guest from Kenya post a comment. LOL!!

Pink Polka Dot Bikini

Earlier this week, Malibu String Bikini Company sent me a collection of their gorgeous bikinis and logo wear. I got the Crystal String bikini in hot pink, the Hearts Desire and the Open Triangle in black, a white MS tank and the black bootie short. (The hubby got a t-shirt too...LOL) All are SO CUTE!!

Once I get a chance to wear them on Lake Havasu next weekend and when we go to Cabo in November, I will post pics. For now, there are plenty of hot girls in the Malibu String competition gallery where I have my own page (NOT saying I am hot, my pics just happen to be Malibu String truly is the sexiest swimsuit on the planet!

Friday, September 22, 2006

The Stupid Click-the-Box Game

I had a couple minutes to kill before 5 p.m. so I tested my mouse clicking skills on the Stupide Click-the-Box Game and got a 53 on the first try.

How many boxes can you check in one minute? The Stupid Click-the-Box Game

Former Student's Death Brings Attention to LAVC

Who would've guessed that Anna Nicole Smith's son attended my junior college? Read about it here. But I am not surprised as many well-known people have also matriculated at LAVC including Sean Aston and William Hong or Hung (or whoever the hell he is).

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Coming back from class to work, I stumbled upon a wad of cash. I picked it up the bulk of the wad, it was wrapped in a 20 dollar bill and the rest was drifting in the wind, a couple $5 bills. As I picked up the $5, a man nearby picked up the other $5 and said to me, "What are we going to do with it?"

Though it crossed my mind for a split second to take it, my conscious instantly felt guilty. "Take to campus police" was the first response to him.

He looked at me surprise, "Really?". He had gray hair, looked to be in his 60's and since he wasn't carrying much but a piece of paper with two pens tucked in his shirt, I thought he was a faculty member.

I was suprised by his response. I guess he though we were going to split it. Finders keepers. Disgusted I shoved the wad of cash I had in my hand to him. He fanned through it and I could see there was at least another $20. A mere $50 was not worth the guilt I would feel for taking money that clearly wasn't scattered across campus for people to find but that someone had lost.

He mumbled, "Uh, oh...I'm going into the office over here." motioning to the entrance to the building where I worked.

That was the last I saw of him. I would have wanted to keep the money too but I knew that if I had lost at least $50, I would've wished that a good samaritan would turn it in. I am not saying I am a good samaritan but my feelings of guilt were far heavier than my greed.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Dear Winnie,

We love you and always will. We miss you terribly and hope you come home soon...
~~September 18th~~
I have to remember that while Winnie was with us she was loved and treated like a princess so we have no guilt. We only wish we had a chance to pet her one more time and say goodbye. And so she was a reminder for me not to take life and those you love for granted...and part from loved ones with no regrets because I may not get a chance to say all I wanted to say or hug them again.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

YIKES! August is gone...

Sorry I haven't written in so long. I've been to my sister's wedding in MN, Lake Havasu for a mini-vacation, a friend's wedding in Los Angeles and Lake Mead for the past holiday weekend. I still have a lot of catching up to do with the semester starting so I promise I will post soon!