Thursday, June 01, 2006

What's Happening?

The Durango
I must sound like a broken record or at least am starting to. The Durango is in the shop again. This time, the techs think there's water damage in the engine so they're going to take it apart. Keep in mind this vehicle is less than 3 months new. So it's been 19 days in the shop...and counting until the day when they have to give us a new vehicle (lemon law). Why go through all this trouble to repair it, I say? Just give us another car and no one will get hurt.

Just Us
Even though the wedding is over, we are still very busy around the house and just daily life. Man, I remember being bored out of my mind without a thing to do! I guess being busy is the norm for couples when there are needs, wants, desires and simply the every day life and schedule of two people to blend. Hard to believe but we have been married for just over a month!

Half Shell
Last Friday we went to eat at the Half Shell, which recently opened on Horizon Ridge and Horizon Parkway in Henderson, for some good food and cheap drinks. As the name implies, they specialize in seafood dishes served in their main dining area, (dark and moody) bar, secluded upstairs dining and outside patio area with cushiony benches and fire pits. But no matter where we go for casual dining, it seems we can never escape the ever-present flat screen televisions which loiter in the corners and on the walls. Johnny dreams of having a tikki bar that truly captures the ambience of the ones in the 1950's and 60's--void of televisions and more condusive to personal conversations and intimate gatherings.

Helluva Saturday
Well...I think I already posted about Saturday in my most recent Week in Review.

The Strip and Margaritaville
Sunday we went to the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace to return my niece's golf shoes her mother purchased when she was out here for our wedding last month. For lunch, we walked across the street to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (where we ate for my bachelorette party). Johnny had Alaskan Cod while I opted for the peel-and-eat shrimp cocktail. It was sure nice to sit on the patio overlooking the Strip sipping margaritas. Being locals has its perks such as stiff drinks from the bartendar and genuinely-friendly, prompt service from the waitress.

Lake Mead...again
We took the boat out to Lake Mead Monday rather than Havasu being that it was Memorial Day. I haven't been to Havasu on a holiday but based on our trip last week, I knew it would be crazier than when we were there--and it was. Havasu police made some 42 arrests and 38 of them were underage females. We didn't let other tragic news and multiple rescues from the ridiculously windy day before bother us on the lake. We still had fun and it was the perfect closure to a nice weekend.

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