Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Smile Can Go a Long Ways

Man, what's up with yesterday?! I was feeling really down and blue too even though I didn't have ONE good reason. Everything in my life is a blessing and as I counted them, I couldn't justify being so down and depressed. NOTHING was wrong but yet I felt like crying :(

But I can totally relate to how you feel about how someone can make a difference and making a difference for someone. All it took was a hug from my hubby and see the smile on his face when he saw me to lift my spirits up.

I often walk around with a smile on my face and share my smile with other people. Most of the time they smile back and I'll bet they smile at other people too--much like paying it forward. I never gave much thought to whether I made a difference for them or not. Sometimes I get weird looks like 'what're you smiling about? (weirdo)' but I never let that stop me from smiling. Other times I get asked about why I am smiling and I simply respond, "I have good thoughts in my head!" and that's all I need to say.


Kirk said...

Keep on smiling Daly! We'll keep on smiling back!

Annejelynn said...

you have a GORGEOUS smile!

Anonymous said...

You do have the best smile anywhere. When Im driving to work or sitting at my desk, or working on the house, if I think of your smile, I smile too and get butterflies in my stomach.


Hello Daly said...

Thank you guys!! [BIG SMILE on my face] which also happens when I see people who are supportive, understanding, caring, loving and makes me feel good about myself!!