Sunday, June 11, 2006

Our New Lightning Boat and 2005 Moomba for Sale!

I should've known when Johnny said, "Let's go look at these boats (at a boak maker in the San Fernando Valley of California called Lightning Boats)" that he meant, "Let's go buy a new boat".

Since coming back from Havasu, he has been so hot on buying a bigger, faster boat but I don't blame him. Mainly because he was tired of getting beat around on the choppy waters--and so was I.

So Sunday morning, we headed to the San Fernando Valley to visit Lightning Custom Boats, a branch of Ultra Boats but they're way cheaper in price.

Before I knew it, we had ordered a new 23-footer boat...and am left wonderning how are we going to fit it in the garage?! I can't help but like it though. It will look great and ride better! More room and I absolutely love the billet aluminum cupholders!!

With that said, we are selling our beloved 2005 Moomba Outback. It is listed on ( Just some info:

  • Garaged and fresh water only!2005 Moomba Outback
  • Waketower billet board racks
  • Gravity I 500lb ballast
  • Upgraded Alpine 5896 Head Unit
  • iPod ready
  • XM and Sirius ready with 6 speakers
  • Custom made 5ft long 3-color bimini top
  • Cleanest used boat you will find anywhere (and believe me, he's so anal about keeping our boat clean.
We will miss our boat. It has been a lot of fun but we realized we really don't wakeskate or pull much of anything behind us but our friend Dirk who likes to hang off the back. We need a boat that will better fit our lifestyle of cruising, or should I say speeding, across the water without much trouble while soaking in the sun!

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

We are happy to report that less than a week later, we sold our boat to a very deserving family. They were a small family from Reno and Johnny met them half-way in Tonopah to deliver the boat. Upon first glance, you would've never guessed that they were a wakeboarding family. The parents and uncle looked pale like they were from the midwest, kinda heavy set and both were smoking like chimnies. The daughter, Johnny initially thought was a boy, was only a tom-boy with short brown hair.

The story is that they have an 11-year old boat and were ready for a new one. Not only because it was old but the father and uncle had been drug addicts until they started wakeboarding. Since the discovery of their new water hobby, they have been clean and we're glad our boat will be getting some good use!

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