Friday, June 23, 2006


Jerky and hot foods are one of my favorite things to eat--especially when combined together. I am so excited to reveal some Damn Good Beef Jerky ( with you!! Johnny and I were watching the Food Network and featured this company in Ohio that makes some damn good jerky.

We don't know how damn good they really are so we ordered some Death By Jerky and Garlic flavors and they had better damn pass my taste test!!

Wonder if they're as good as Enjoys Beef Jerky (, the best I have found up to this day.

Some other hot and bothered sites that I stumbled upon today:


Anonymous said...

Jerky girl. Thats going to be your new nickname.

I bet you cant wait for your order to come in????

I cant wait to taste the garlic one. :) MMMMMMM

Hello Daly said...

Gosh, I hope it comes today!! Thanks for ordering them for me, sweetie!! You know EXACTLY what I like.