Thursday, May 18, 2006


Earlier this week, I was definitely in a panic.

Finals are over and I'm not taking any classes whatsoever during the first summer session so I will have three solid weeks when I can go straight home from work and not be stuck in a classroom until after the sun is gone--yippee!!

The wedding is behind us now. We have collected so many photos sent to us by family and friends and can't wait to share them. Our gifts have all been opened even if a little late (1 1/2 weeks after the wedding) but are now sitting in the breakfast nook until we decide where to put them. We received so many cool gifts, there's just too many to list. After they were all opened, Johnny had said, "There's just one problem. We need a bigger kitchen!!".

The thank you cards were definitely a joint effort as we sat down each evening for several days to write them. Not that we had a bazillion guests to write to. It's just that we're a little slow...BUT we're done!!

This weekend, we are going to Lake Havasu!! It will be my first time so I am really excited about the trip. A nice little break from the semester and wedding planning. I am really looking forward to relaxing on the boat, soaking in the sun. As if I already didn't get enough while we were at Mandalay Bay. So what could possibly threaten to ruin my summer?? Marriage certificate. Yep, there's a fine print at the bottom with instructions to submit the paper to the county recorder within 10 days of the wedding and here we are going on 18 days!!

Horrible thoughts flashed through my head. Are we not official? Do we have to get married again? Do we have to redo all the paperwork? If so, do we have to change (gasp) our wedding date?

I had so much anxiety as I headed to the county recorder to turn in the marriage certificate. Alas, all that worry for nothing when I walked out of the office, checked the marriage record system online and--VIOLA!! We are finally on record!!

Getting married is not the tough part--it's everything you have to go through afterwards to change your name. But it's all worth it.

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