Friday, May 26, 2006

Hello Social Security Office

I must say this week would definitely not be written off as one of those so-so weeks. No siree! Since coming back from Havasu, my days have been jam packed with so many things to do which required me to recover quickly from the daze I was in. I went from one long line at the DMV to an even longer line at the Social Security Office in my quest to change my last name.

To say "longer" is slightly under par for describing the hours I had to wait in line...more like the airport on Thanksgiving or waiting for the perfect man as my friend would put it (but that wouldn't apply to me as I've already found the perfect man for me). In fact I'm still typing as I'm waiting and at my tapping speed on my PDA I can't say I'm lightning fast much less any faster than Johnny can type (I love you babe)!

As I walked into the office, it was so crowded I had to wade through the zoo of people lining the walls and squatting on the floor. Men, women, and children of all ages were there chatting, sleeping and babies screaming. Surely they were not all newlyweds and were also there to change their names!

Disheartened by the number of people, I pulled my number. The wait can't possibly be that bad. They were serving 435 and I looked at my ticket...572. I stared at it in disbelief. This must be a typo. There possibly couldn't be 137 people in line ahead of me could there? I scanned the room again at all people in the room. From the looks on their face, it appeared they had been waiting for an eternity.

Determined to accomplish this simple task, I took a seat and pulled out paperwork I needed to fill out for HR and checked my PDA for e-mails to reply to. I even heard a mother placing a fast food order with her son who would be leaving to do so.

I did everything I possibly could to occupy myself as I heard the voice over the intercom steadily call number after number. 442...442, now serving 442. No one responded. Good--other one dropped out of the race! If things keep going like this, I may be up there faster.

I had hoped to find a number ahead of mind that may have been discarded by an impatient visitor but no luck. I guess I'll have to hang onto my number, serving 448, 448. Maybe they won't get to me by the closing of business and may have to turn me away.

After what felt like two lifetimes, the moment came when my number was close to being called. My heart raced and palm went sweaty. Is it possible they just might call my number? The anticipation was like waiting for that number, MY number, to be called so I can say BINGO!! Except my number was guaranteed to come up unlike Bingo numbers.

Two hours later, I walked out of that Social Security Office, receipt in hand that promised my new card with my married name but it was just my luck to be leaving at rush hour. Well, waiting in traffic cannot be as bad as what I went through as I hit the I-215. Luckily, traffic was going the opposite direction. Crowds of cars full of people who had just got off work and headed home. SUCKERS! But then I came to a screeching halt at the I-15 interchange. What could it possibly be because this is not normal. Perhaps a car accident since the airport exit would be coming up soon.

I exited to the I-15 and decided to take surface streets. I would be going faster than the cars in the freeway parking lot. But my journey home was not that easy. I didn't mention that I was on the opposite side of town. The West side near Red Rock and for those who are not familiar with the area, it's about 40+ miles and it's not fun when you're in traffic and construction.

But at least I had accomplished what I had set out to do and THAT is good enough for me. Besides, I have a three day long weekend with my sweetie and that, my friend, is worth all the trouble.

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KIrk said...

Hi Daly - Wow, all this since the last time I've visited. Say what you will, but your life sure hasn't been boring!