Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Aloha Sharkeez

Before I moved to Vegas, I lived in Redondo Beach. Fresh and pale-skinned from Washington, I had moved to the California city for the sun and remember being in awe over the palm trees. Before then I had never seen a palm tree much less the ocean. Before I knew it, I was fitting in with the locals. Strutted the strand with my newly acquired tan, frequented the restaurants, and hung out with the crowds in the clubs with my newfound friends.

Life later led to me to Burbank and I returned to school; leaving life at the beach behind but not before I met my sweetie, Johnny. We were introduced by a mutual friend and interestingly enough--at bar called Sharkeez in Hermosa Beach.

Sharkeez was unlike the stuffy bars and clubs of Hollywood. It was a place for the local surfers and beach bums to gather. Casual by day, sexy fun by night. I have many happy memories of Sharkeez. Not only of meeting my sweetheart but of times shared between good friends whom I still keep in touch with today.

Johnny and I had planned to honeymoon on nearby Catalina Island and visit our meeting place this 4th of July, which will mark our 4th dating anniversary, but then we heard about the demise of Sharkeez. What we initially thought was a nasty rumor turned out to be true.

Sharkeez had burned down to the ground and we don't think Hermosa will ever be the same. So we must say Aloha Sharkeez because had it not been there four years ago, Johnny and I may not have even met. (Photo: Daily Breeze)

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