Tuesday, April 18, 2006


It just occured to me how long it has been since the last entry on my blog. I knew the days were flying past me though I didn't realize just how fast. This past weekend, we went to John and Maggie's for Easter Brunch. Our friends, Teresa and Shannon also met us there.

This time, instead of driving, Johnny and I rode a glistening black Harley Road Glide. The fears I had about riding on a motorcycle at high speeds fled from my mind, like the road underneath us as I watched its reflection fade away on the back of his helmet. There's nothing like the feeling of flying down an open stretch of highway and no seatbelt on...with no one else around but just us two and the sound of the bike's engine humming to the tune of the music from speakers of the Road Glide. Though it was a sunny morning, it was rather breezy but the wind didn't keep us from having fun on the road.

We arrived at John & Maggie's home shortly thereafter to a beautiful brunch. Need I say more?

Our original plan was to ride off to the Valley of Fire but the wind had noticeably picked up since our arrival to Boulder City so Johnny and I decided to head home and enjoy some margaritas under the sun in our backyard, sheltered from the wind. Before I dawned on my Harley protective gear, it appeared Johnny's dad got a hold of it first.

Frankly, I think my helmet looked better on him than me! What do you think?

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