Sunday, April 02, 2006

April's Fool

My the weekend sure flying by! Friday night, after a late night at the office, Johnny and I went to Midnight Mayhem where any street-legal car or motorcycle can drive on "the Strip" at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and see what their time is for a quarter-second mile. Here, we saw everything from an old beat up truck and pinto to slingshot motorcyles. Just amazing how fast these cars and bikes go down the speedway. It was a lot of fun to watch! We were hoping to see our buddy, Mark, race his new lifted black Dodge truck but it was almost 1:00 a.m. when we left and Johnny had to work the next day. Next time, Johnny will test his Dodge SRT-4 on the Strip.

Saturday, was April Fools' Day and I had a few tricks up my sleeve. It started when Johnny came home (he normally parks in the third garage and has his own opener.) Then I heard the main garage door go up and down, up and down. Surely he was confused why the main door was opening and closing and not his garage door so I went to investigate just to make sure he saw the boxes I made especially for him....

Well, well...I caught me my first April's Fool--Johnny! Earlier that day, I dropped off lunch to him at work and took the opportunity to switch our garage door openers.

Before the night was over. I made sure to rubberband the spray nozzel to the kitchen sink so he'd have a wet surprise went he went to turn on the kitchen faucet. I couldn't snap a picture because I was trying to avoid the water bottle he was chasing me with...LOL (but here's a visual of how to set the trick up. I saw someone do this on America's Funniest home video!!)

Finally one last trick. I couldn't resist slipping into the foot of his side of the bed, this scarf I got one Christmas (the one with a bunch of rabbits' tails tied strings), for a holy-moly-there's-an-animal-in-my-bed feel when he crawled into bed for the night. Needless to say, it did the trick. But this trick backfired on me the morning after, when he leaned to kiss me awake in the morning and I ended up with the scarf in my face as I leaped out of bed.

I am already plotting next year's bag of tricks. He's already dreading the day April Fools' comes around again.

Sunday, John and Maggie came over. John helped install the coilovers in Johnny's SRT-4 and Maggie and I worked on the wedding arch and bird seeds. We later went shopping at Trader Joe's after we finished folding the napkins for the yacht club restrooms.

While I was at Trader Joe's, still miffed about the cases of three-dollar "Two-Buck Chucks" I purchased a couple weeks before, I meandered down the wine aisle looking for an equally cheap alternative to the Charles Shaw. Under Maggie's recommendation, picked up a bottle of PKNT (pronounce "Picante") Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 from Chile. They also make a Merlot which I also picked up.

So while Johnny was working on his car in the garage with his friends, I took a little break from my coursework to have a teeny sample of this PKNT. Now, I'm not wine expert but I can tell you, this--any wine with 13.5% has to be GOOD, and it is!! The name can be misleading, this wine is not spicy but has a red berry, tobacco smell and is light-medium in flavor and goes down smoothly with a lingering woody taste. I don't have a recommendation for pairing but it tastes great with jerky!!

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