Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Week in Review

Oh gosh, I've been on Cloud 9 for the past several weeks. I feel undeserving of all the good fortunes that have come my way. I ask myself, what did I ever do to have all this good karma? Will it last? Why am I doubting myself? Is it because I am, deep down, a pessimist skeptic...or worse--paranoid? Do other people feel this way?

Well, whatever it is...I thank my lucky stars for all I have been given. While the things I am about to list are material, it's the only physical evidence I can show for the people and messages behind these gifts are what truly touches my heart.

Where shall I start? A couple weeks ago, Johnny got me a Durango and we purchased our wedding bands. My ring still the same "Daly Princess Cut Diamond" but it has been upgraded with stones along the side. Wait 'til you see the set!

Several days later came the best bridal shower I could ever imagine because all the special women who were able to attend were present and they were there for me! Not to mention all the wonderful gifts I received--all were special and very thoughtful.

Then it was my birthday and my sweet boss and friend, Annejelynn, gave me this killer coffee mug. Isn't it cool!?! Later that afternoon, she and another co-worker, Krista, took me to one of my favorites places to eat--Memphis BBQ (who will also be catering our wedding). I had a pulled pork sandwich (sorry, no picture--I usually take photos of my food. If you must see a picture of something, check out this pic of the chicken salad sandwich Johnny and I made the other day). YUMMY!!

When I got home that evening, my sweetie picked up me these cute note card set with kitty patterns and a French Kitty journal. I still like to keep a journal. I know some might think what would I want to write in a journal that I wouldn't tell others? The truth of the matter is, I would talk too much if I didn't write my thoughts in a journal...LOL!! WAY TOO MUCH and I think Johnny's ears could use a break from my daily babbles.

My Relative-In-Laws (is there such a word?), sent me this cute card with a poem on the outside. Inside was this darling origami kimono--isn't it cute?! Well, since it was too small for me ;) (it's actually a pin) I thought it might look better on Jack so he tried it on for size. He doesn't look bad, does he? Well--he's smiling so he must like it. Sort of a Japanese-Chimney-Sweeper-ish look.

But Jack seemed to like this other outfit better as he dawned the terry-cloth robe on the front of the card. I think this is a better look for him--don't you agree??

Saturday evening, John, Maggie, and some friends, Sean and Fawn, came over for dinner. We grilled hamburgers and served Maggie's delicious Asian coleslaw salad on the side while sampling some delicious wines--courtesy of the matron of hone, Teresa. We had so much fun!!

Earlier that day, Maggie and I had gone to the Star Nursery to pick the plants that would be part of the landscape at the yacht club. Since I didn't know what the heck I was doing, let alone pick plants and flowers, Fawn will be taking the reigns and design the plant arrangements!! I think the flowers and plants are just going to look beautiful at the wedding.

Later the same afternoon, I went for my dress alterations. I was unbelievably nervous about the fitting for fear that I had gained weight. What will they do if they can't zip it up?! What will I do?? But I was SO relieved to discover that it still fits!!

No more fears...I will be able to stay in shape with the medicine ball John and Maggie gave to me for my birthday or the same one Annejelynn let me borrow which I sometimes use in the office!!
Speaking of the office...earlier this week, during a faculty meeting where I was cleverly tricked by my boss into attending so I wouldn't have to be briefed on an important subject to be covered, I was surprised when the Dean of Liberal Arts congratulated me on reaching my 1st year anniversary at the academic institution where I worked.

Blushing, I humbly shook his hand, accepted my token of appreciation, gave my speech to the faculty and whipped my behind out of the conference room as fast as I could! (I don't know what it is...I just don't do well with praises.) I hadn't realized it had been a year already! Time flies when you enjoy where you work--and especially the people you work with.

One of the best news I have to share for this week is that Johnny and I trekked down to the Marriage License Bureau yesterday evening and got our marriage license!!

It was a surreal feeling as we exited the agency doors and down the steps, experiencing what it must feel like to ultimately walk down that aisle, and then we strolled towards the sound of the crowd and music emanating from the Fremont Experience nearby for some dinner and drinks to celebrate our precious moment!

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