Thursday, March 23, 2006

Trader Joe's and Two-Buck Chuck

The other night, I walked out of Trader Joe's puzzled about the total of my grocery was unusually high. Perhaps it was because of the several cases of Trader Joe's signature wine I bought, Charles Shaw, or as most people know it, "Two-Buck Chuck". I love(d) that wine, especially because not only is the price under two bucks but it is actually drinkable. $1.99 per bottle...not bad. I can get a lot of bottles for that price--or so I thought.

Well...Two-Buck Chuck is no more and I had suspected that my grocery bill was high because the price per bottle had risen. This article, finally confirmed my suspicion ( I like you Charles Shaw but you're not that good and from now on, I think I'll take the suggestion for alternatives to Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck and might actually post my review.

Today, we are 37 days away from our wedding. Johnny and I are getting really excited and everything that could be done is done. I have my dress fitting this weekend and am looking forward to that. I haven't slipped that dress on since October!

This past weekend, I had my shower in Corona Del Mar where I felt like the luckiest girl to be surrounded by all these wonderful women, who despite their busy lives, were there for me. I have been working on the post for the shower and haven't done it justice so the details of that day will be up as soon as I'm finished. I do have photos...though not all of them are there but more photos will be added soon!

I glanced at the phone on my desk today and it hit me--it really is my birthday today! It's not that I didn't know today is my birthday...I was excited and looking forward to it all week but until I saw the actual date, it was hard for me to actually realize the day.

Johnny's so sweet, he sent me an e-mail with the subject, "WHAT???" and then...(we always try to outdo each other with the smilies...LOL!!!)

I am going out to lunch with my co-workers, maybe I can convince them to go shopping at the mall nearby.

I still have class in the afternoon and evening. I can't get out of that even if I'm the birthday girl.


ik said...

Chillin with Charles..nice. Hope you had a happy bday

Kirk said...

Hi Daly - I'd love to see your reviews of alternatives to 2-buck Chuck!

Hello Daly said...

Thank you, IK!! I couldn't have asked for a better b-day. I swear, there is an upside to getting older and that is your b-day keeps getting better!

Kirk, I will by HAPPY to post my reviews. I may not have the refined palate for food like you do but I sure know my alcohol...LOL!