Tuesday, March 07, 2006

March 6th: A Day in History

What's up with the weather in Vegas? The photo on the left, a view from my office window of the parking lot behind UNLV, then Strip and Mt. Charleston beyond that against the dreary sky, is a pictograph of how my past week went.

Sorry I haven't written in a while folks. Like I said, last week was a whirlwind of days around exams and papers due on top of homework. It's really not that much of a load, I'm just whining.

Hard to believe (I'm...eh...still in college and) we're in March already. With 1 month, 3 weeks, and 1 day until our wedding and my shower next weekend. This year is (must I say it again) whizzing by!! To top it off, I'm just a couple weeks away from turning...(do I dare say it?) twenty-nine years old [gulp]. I didn't want to write that number for fear of realizing its true numeric value and thus relevance to me.

If you think that's a looooong time, how about 35? As in 35 years of marriage!! Yep!--yesterday was John & Maggie's 35th anniversary...six years longer than I have been alive in this world and that is A LOT of years to be married by today's standards without a doubt. One only needs to spend time with them to realize why their marriage is still successful. They're one of the two most loving, caring, giving, smartest, respectful and easy going people I know. Congratulations, John and Maggie!! Johnny and I look forward to when we can attest to that.

Yesterday was also a good day because it marked when I officially received my mortgage agent's license! Yep--I'm officially licensed in NV to be a Loan Officer with Milestone Residential Mortgage. Though I'm licensed in Nevada, Amy (my broker) is set up with 10 lenders in NV, CA, and UT so we can do loans in any of those states. Schweet, huh?!?! Don't worry; I'm not quitting my day job. I love the department where I work and the people I work with even more. They're the reason I'm there. Plus I'm not finished with my classes yet...I still have a couple more semesters to go and with my plate full as it is...I won't be pursuing a full fledge career any day soon. But it doesn't mean that I can't practice until then.

There was an interesting article in AOL today: Fast-food Ice Dirtier Than Water? At least some good came out of this science project. For my grade school science project, I grew good-for-nothing mold. It was actually a glue ball formula that had milk in it...so after several weeks, the glue ball grew mold and I made that my show-and-tell for my science project (clever me...NOT). At least it got a lot of reaction which went more like “…ew…”.

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Annejelynn said...

oh how cool! congrats on your license! I am just clueless as to what all you've been up to! I say we bust the wall down between us!