Friday, March 10, 2006

Africa Aid: Art Twogether

I just want to congratulate and recognize the lovely, Frances Jones, for her contribution to Africa Aid.

Africa Aid is having an art auction this weekend and one of the pieces that will be auctioned is done by the great, Frances Jones.

I would have thought it was a picture had I not known it was a painting. Not only is Frances one of the sweetest person you'll ever meet, she's also artistically talented, has a knockout smile, giving and... well, I think the bio from the Africa Aid website says it better:
"Frances is a self-taught artist who uses her aptitude for math along with her strong creative skills to produce artwork of all kinds including: quilts, oil paintings, and ceramics. She is an advocate for the children in Sudan and Uganda and donates time in her church's soup kitchen, bible study, tutoring a foster child, and seeing where her talents can help the community, or simply put a smile on a friend's face."
I couldn't have agreed more! Congratulations, Frances!!

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