Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February's Crush

How can you get your man to jump off the couch and run away like mad? Mention, "Valentine's Day" and that should do the trick!! Just kidding.

I think deep down, men like Valentine's Day because it gives them an excuse to be the sweethearts that they really are and allow them to expose their soft side without ramifications from the boys.

I remember my first Valentine's Day with Johnny. He made me this card where he drew this bitchin' black heart (Johnny also has a gift for drawing) but it's not what you think. The heart had red, orange, and yellow flames licking at the bottom complete with a special note from his heart inside. I still have it to this day and even scanned it for use as my signature.

We've had several lovely Valentine's Day since then, each one simply romantic (and too hot to share ). I tickle when I think about what this year will bring.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ February 14, 2006 ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

This Valentine's Day, I got from Johnny, this cute card with a bear on the front card and a message that read along the lines of, it was the only card he could grab because someone farted in the aisle...LOL!! He also braved going into Michael's to buy me stickers for my scrapbook!! 50's style stickers of the Vegas theme and these darling Hawaiian stickers. I can't wait to make a page for my scrapbook. I also got this beautiful stamp of a brilliant red Hibiscus to add to the collection I received from my secret Secret Santa, Peter, this year. And he also sent me the World's Shortest Fairy Tale. By the way, Dearest, I said, "YES" ( between tears) but how did I still get so lucky? Happy Valentines Day, sweetie!

Finally, I got my very own set of tools. Yep--ALL mine. Because when I'm in the office and needed tools, I always had to look through drawers and drawers of his spread of organized tools and can never figure out which ones I need. So now I have my complete compact set to choose from...and I will not be misplacing his all around the house...LOL!!! So there, now his friends can't give him a hard time about being "soft". All I know is I can't wait to go home tonight...and if the ensuing events are to be anything like this poem then I'm in for a real surprise!

I also got a card from my domain and hosting provider, la la--pretty flashy!

A "Be My Lollipop" Jolly Ranchers sucker and sweethearts Tarts from Annejelynn. My sweet and sour tooth just loves her!

This Valentine's Day, I just want to remember all the sweethearts in my life--you know who you are!! I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day.


Annejelynn said...

I wanna see it! show me!

Hello Daly said...

Okay, I posted a pic jest fer you!! I giggled when I read his note, I didn't think we'd end up getting married. What's funny is he often says the same thing to this day, except with a big squeezing hug and kiss!