Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend Trip to Cedar City, UT

This weekend was our first weekend together since Johnny started getting Sundays (and Mondays) off. Before this weekend, we never had a full day together unless it was a major holiday. Today we drove to Cedar City to choose the options on our second house. It would be nice to live in it but we'll most likely sell it once it's finished or keep as a second home. Cedar City is such a beautiful town and as you can see it snowed while we were there. I loved the little cute prairie dogs (or groundhogs) that frollicked in the snow!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Leavin' Las Vegas

Here I am on the road to LA for Yasmin's birthday. I think the last time I was in CA was for Sherri's 29th birthday although I totally didn't understand why everyone at the party was dressed in black and the black decor. I guess because her birthday was right before Halloween.

It will be good to see everyone which I hope to do in the short amount of time that I'll be there. I have too much on my plate and this trip is to be a turnaround early in the morning but it's worth it to surprise Yasmin for her birthday.

Yasmin is one of those giving people I've been so lucky to meet in my life...people I call "candles" and so I try in my own way to show her that I'm grateful for all the wisdom she bestowed in me, the experiences she helped foster, and the love of a mother she unconditionally gave.

I'm also looking forward to visiting the Thai Temple for some food although I wish Johnny could be here with me. I miss you baby (but I definitely don't miss the smog)!!

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

The weekend is now over and I was so sad because I didn't get to see Yasmin nor did she get to celebrate her birthday with those who love her. We did, however, lift a margarita to her and wished her a happy birthday even though she couldn't join us at Casa Vega.

I also didn't get to see my friend, Frankie. She's on internship and studying ministry and had a baptismal party that day. Alas, I passed out on the couch from the long trip that day, we didn't get to go out as planned.

To all my dear friends in L.A., I'm sorry I didn't get to call you while I was down there. I knew my stay would be short and didn't want to get my hopes up of seeing you.

The next day, my friend, Lalo and Jouse were in Canyon Country at the Americana 18 Club shooting range to knock off clay pigeon's and bowling pins. Lalo's little cousin, Billy, gave Jouse and I the safety orientation since we were novice shooters...LOL. I practically bowed down to the kid after seeing him blast a clay pigeon in mid-air within seconds from being launched by Lalo!! I will have to post pics and/or a video of us on the range.

Before the day was over, Lalo, Jouse and I stopped by the Wat Thai Temple for some of my favorite Thai dishes. This post by Kirk says it all! Gotta read Part I and II. This photo taken by the author of the papaya salad is one of many photos that just makes my mouth drool!! (My flat screen does not taste nearly as good as the dish..LOL)

Sunday, I was at a Mary Kay party where the other girls and I pampered ourselves and tried on make-up. If only I had saved the before-and-after pic of myself for comic relief.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The shoes I would like to wear with my wedding dress--if I can walk in them...LOL!!

Kitchen Towel Exchange

Thank you, Tiffany, for my first towel from the great Kitchen Towel Exchange!! Tiffany is my cousin-in-law, Sam's, girlfriend from Fallbrook, CA (whew--say that 10 times but faster!!)

A towel whaa...?? In short, it's like a chain letter but more fun because by sending one towel and a letter to six friends, you should get in return 36 towels if all the participants play their part. I got my letter from my friend, Annejelynn.

Click here for a template of the letter and discover how YOU can have the potential to receive 36 kitchen towels for the price of one. For a visual to see how you can ultimately receive six towels, click here.

Too good to be true? Here's my proof and isn't it beautiful?!

I snagged my sister into this game and she loves the idea although she did something similar with scratch tickets. Now how awesome would that be?!

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ February 15, 2006 ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~
I just received my second towel in the mail yesterday and it's beautiful!! Thank you, Cassandra!! (She knows Johnny and I love Hawaiian/Polynesian stuff and gave us this pretty towel with red and orange Hibiscus and we LOVE IT!! )

By the way, Cassandra, you can address me by my maiden name or Daly Costanza, that would be just fine.

Enjoy your cruise and can't wait to see you at the shower!

~.~ ~.~ February 27, 2006 ~.~ ~.~
Boy am I a lucky girl or what?!

These towels came from Fallbrook, CA and San Pedro, CA. The towel with the pineapple pattern was from Aunt MaryAnne and the hot pink towels came from Rebecca. Aren't they beautiful?!?! They're all so neat, I am afraid to use them so I display them in my kitchen--I just like looking at 'em.

Hard to believe receiving kitchen towels would be so exciting, huh?

~.~ ~.~ March 18, 2006 ~.~ ~.~
This past weekend, I received several more towels through the exchange. Boy, am I a lucky girl or what?! This time, they were from Elisabeth in South Dakota and LeAnna from Montana.

The dishtowels with the olives and split leaf are from Elisabeth. She and David are pregant with (I believe) their third child now. My extended family is getting bigger by the year!

LeAnna gave me this beautiful towel and a pot holder. I have all the towels hanging in the kitchen to display. They make me very happy to look at them. That all these ladies care enough to continue the chain and took the time and effort to shop for these gorgeous towels and send them to me.

Once again, THANK YOU ALL!!

Thank you, Tiffany, for my first kitchen towel from the great Kitchen Towel Exchange. What is the kitchen towel here to find out all about it and see how YOU can have the potential to receive 36 kitchen towels for the price of one. Too good to be true? Here's my proof and isn't it beautiful?!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February's Crush

How can you get your man to jump off the couch and run away like mad? Mention, "Valentine's Day" and that should do the trick!! Just kidding.

I think deep down, men like Valentine's Day because it gives them an excuse to be the sweethearts that they really are and allow them to expose their soft side without ramifications from the boys.

I remember my first Valentine's Day with Johnny. He made me this card where he drew this bitchin' black heart (Johnny also has a gift for drawing) but it's not what you think. The heart had red, orange, and yellow flames licking at the bottom complete with a special note from his heart inside. I still have it to this day and even scanned it for use as my signature.

We've had several lovely Valentine's Day since then, each one simply romantic (and too hot to share ). I tickle when I think about what this year will bring.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

~.~ ~.~ ~.~ February 14, 2006 ~.~ ~.~ ~.~

This Valentine's Day, I got from Johnny, this cute card with a bear on the front card and a message that read along the lines of, it was the only card he could grab because someone farted in the aisle...LOL!! He also braved going into Michael's to buy me stickers for my scrapbook!! 50's style stickers of the Vegas theme and these darling Hawaiian stickers. I can't wait to make a page for my scrapbook. I also got this beautiful stamp of a brilliant red Hibiscus to add to the collection I received from my secret Secret Santa, Peter, this year. And he also sent me the World's Shortest Fairy Tale. By the way, Dearest, I said, "YES" ( between tears) but how did I still get so lucky? Happy Valentines Day, sweetie!

Finally, I got my very own set of tools. Yep--ALL mine. Because when I'm in the office and needed tools, I always had to look through drawers and drawers of his spread of organized tools and can never figure out which ones I need. So now I have my complete compact set to choose from...and I will not be misplacing his all around the house...LOL!!! So there, now his friends can't give him a hard time about being "soft". All I know is I can't wait to go home tonight...and if the ensuing events are to be anything like this poem then I'm in for a real surprise!

I also got a card from my domain and hosting provider, la la--pretty flashy!

A "Be My Lollipop" Jolly Ranchers sucker and sweethearts Tarts from Annejelynn. My sweet and sour tooth just loves her!

This Valentine's Day, I just want to remember all the sweethearts in my life--you know who you are!! I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day.