Monday, January 09, 2006

Six dollars and ninety-seven cents


That's all I'm worth as a 28-year old, 5'6" female weighing 130 lbs. (first thing in the morning and dry to the bone). Surely I must be worth more right? I mean--I can cook, clean, scrapbook, and do cartwheels. I've even perfected the art of ignoring my husband-to-be.

Maybe this value is not the what I'm worth by the hour but by the minute--or second (Johnny will agree with that and tell you I'm a high maintenance princess).

This number, according to, is what I'm worth. At, one can enter their personal info, their country, and viola!--based upon some stats, you get a personal bar code. Yep. Six dollars and ninety-seven cents.

I fiddled with the figures, making my age younger, older, weight lighter and heavier but still could not quite figure it out. Maybe with one less beer, I might be sober and it will become clear to me. Heck, I think I'll just get a tattoo of this barcode on my shoulder. I've been wanting one since I was a teen but could never decide on a design that I would want permanently. This way, if I was ever unconscience, a scan of my barcode would give some 411. (No, I'm not serious)

Well, I guess it's not so bad when compared to the what I'd be worth if I was in my native country. There, I would only be worth $0.16. That's not a typo. You got it--sixteen cents. Laos is such a third world country and hasn't changed much since the Vietnam War. I left that country when I was three and haven't been back since. Meanwhile, my parents and sisters have. They've brought back videos, photos, and stories to share. I remember my dad talked of when he visited his mother in country where there was no plumbing, running water, or electricity. My parents slept on rocks for pillows and this gal would walk miles each day to and from the nearest well in order to get water for my parents to wash and bathe with.

Back to the barcode--my sweetie, on the other hand is worth $9.57


Oksana said...

Hmm.... I'm worth $6.84 according to this.... Boy, are we cheap! LOL

Hello Daly said...

We are, aren't we?! But I think the guys will agree we are not cheap in maintenance. No roses and chocolates for me on Valentine's Day but an HP iPAQ hx2700 will do just fine [wink, wink]!!

Come to think of it, we are rich in that we're so lucky to have that special man in our lives!! Yeah, I'm talking 'bout YOU--Johnny.