Sunday, January 08, 2006

Living Room - Revamped

Our first project for the house was to make some improvements to the living room. We had already purchased a new sectional couch with the striped ottoman pictured here but the couch looked out of place in contrast with the not-so-hip living room.

The plan was to paint the institutional white walls, take down the dreary curtains and, most definitely, replace the cold slabs of yucky white tiles around the fireplace.

The chiseled look of the walls could not be appreciated because of the flat white paint. We wanted the living room to feel like a family room and not an apartment. The poopy beige color on the mantel above the fireplace did nothing for that space and the t.v. was especially dwarfed by the larger cubby space it sat in.

As I started to paint, Johnny began chipping away at the plain white tiles which muted the fireplace.

He then replaced them with these deep, rich natural stone tiles which came in a variety of patterns.

Our living room was quite a mess for a while as we waited for the tiles to set and paint to dry.

Our hard work finally paid off. Johnny had the idea to paint the area above the mantel a flat black, which did so much more for that area than the poopy beige color. The new tiles framed the fireplace beautifully.

This living room now looks more cohesive. We actually switched our t.v. twice...LOL!! If you look in the pictures above, we had a DLP set but after a month, the bulb burnt out. Not wanting to take the chance on another defective product, we splurged on a plasma and have never been happier.

You can't tell Johnny is stoked at all!

We have since made some additions to the living room with accents like this lamp with a raffia shade...

(I love the little pineapple on top of the shade!)

...and softer lighting using a couple ORGEL pendant light shades hung in tandem (and JoJo, the tikki sitting in the corner).

Feels much more like home now! Our next project will be the lounge.

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