Thursday, January 19, 2006

First Week of Class

This is the first week of classes at UNLV which marks the start of the Spring 2006 semester (and me closer to achieving my degree in Finance). I have never liked going to the first day of class--it's nothing but a barrage of parental lecture sessions. I thought now that I am finally working on my major, we can get into the nitty-gritty of the subject and I will be spared the condescending address on class etiquette which is so obviously simple common sense to those who have even a bone of decency in their body.

But I was painfully mistaken, each and every instructor had to go over cell phone etiquette, coming to class late or leaving class early, ditching exams--and as I'm listening to their diatribe, I'm thinking 'as if we were still high school students'. Not only did I have have to listen to one long pompous speech, I had to listen to four!

I know of some undergrads that are deserving of this belittling talk but I believe the majority of the students in my classes are more responsible than the typical undergrad student.

Even though I know I'm not deserving of the first-day-of-class treatment, I hopelessly know I must endure the rest of this week for it will soon be all over!! Besides, I have a wedding to look forward to.

My first day of classes was not completely a waste. I had an interesting exchange with a transvestite. At first I was not aware that he/she was a cross dresser. I had only noticed out of the corner of my eye, this tall gentleman in a blue flower-patterned one piece dress strutting across the lawn in high heels. I was impressed by how well he handled himself in the black pumps he wore so I said, "How do you do that so well?"

At this point, I had not looked directly at his face. Maybe the sun was in my eye and my oversized sunglasses clouded my vision. Angeliqua (as he later introduced himself) openly responded to my inquiry, "It's simple. You practice by balancing a book on your head", as he demonstrated. I had to turn my head and look at him. Only then did I realize this was not a smarty college student playing a joke because Angeliqua had make-up on.

..."It's not in your feet at all. Then you'll build strong legs!" I admit I had stopped listening to his advice because I was more surprised by my first encounter with a transvestite and I wasn't even in Venice Beach!

We chatted until we had to part ways as onlookers gawked at the sight of him. I had to return to work from class. He, on the other hand, was headed to see his psychologist in the Student Health Center.

I must thank Angeliqua for the advice on how to walk in heels. I will need to refer to his...uhm--her advice when I walk down that aisle several months from now.

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