Friday, December 02, 2005

'Tis that time of the year!

Does Christmas have a smell? Is it gingerbread cookies, hot cocoa, logs burning in the fireplace, or bourbon and eggnog? Is it your favorite home baked goodies, peppermint candy canes, or the crisp scent of snow and icicles? What if you live where it never snows?

To me, the smell of the scent of (inhaling deeply) evergreen trees!! Christmas begins with bringing home a freshly cut Douglas fir. That moment came for me when we proudly toted the tree into our home and it is finally standing elegantly in its rightful place in the family living room. Aahhh…the smell just permeats our home. There's nothing like it; a smell those evergreen car fresheners can't even come close to imitating.

I didn't always have the Christmas spirit. The beginning of years of my life were spent in Laos and I was raised by Buddhist parents. It wasn't until we moved to Thailand and attended a church of Christian faith that I was introduced to the concept of Christmas. However, it wasn't the pagan Christmas that I've celebrated since then but the Christian Christmas. I remember thinking that particular holiday event of exchanging gifts was very strange as I received socks, crackers, and soaps.

Upon coming to America, our sponsoring family shared with us the pagan Christmas but I had already knew that…(dare I say it?) Santa didn't exist (gasp)!! Or at least I thought so then. Plus, the house didn't have a chimney so how did Santa get the presents under the Christmas tree?? Even though Christmas was, initially spoiled for me--I can't say me no likey, likey!!

Since then I've learned that Christmas is more than a Santa and presents (cliché, I know). Christmas became more about traditions, family, sharing, good food, and giving. Christmas is a feeling I have…and the smell of the Christmas trees.

Oh...I definitely think it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! It's definitely my favorite time of the year.

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