Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Kitty Litter Salmon Tacos

Eat your heart out Rachel Ray ! Here come kitty letter salmon tacos! These were inspired by the kitty litter cake I made for Halloween. The end result of this taco dish looks much better.

Speaking of food, I thought I would list what "feeds" me in my home:

1. Johnny - my sweetheart. He feeds my soul so that I never have to hunger for love, attention, affection, or happiness.

2. Winnie - my kitten (no, I didn't eat her--yet...LOL although sometime I threaten to make her a Kung Pow Kitty dish). She was a kitty stranded in the alley and only a few months old when she made the move to Vegas with me last year.

3. This last one is's either my tech toys (Johnny will swear that's what I thrive on because my nose is always in it) or coffee, beef jerky, and sour candy--my favorite of all snacks!

In honor of my friend, Lalo, who has requested more visually appealing photos of the tacos post-makeover...I am revealing photos of the kitty litter salmon tacos in their glorious state (sigh)!!

What da ya think, eh? Better to look at the next you're eating subs? ;)

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