Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Myth Buster"

The semester has really flown by as I find myself in the middle of November already. Thank goodness for the break tomorrow as we observe a day for all who served our country. 22 years ago I was fresh-off-the-boat and found myself in a foreign land where I expected to see red-headed 'fa-longs' (French). Would I have guessed then that I'd meet my sweetheart, living in Sin City, and getting married in several months?

So what's with the photo? I'm sitting in Econ and the instructor just mentioned that students were cheating by sending photos they took of their exams with their camera phone and getting replies with answers to the questions. I didn't think that was possible because the focus and image quality from camera phones are not that great and just wanted to test this "myth". conclusion is "stick with a pencil and calculator" to figure out your own answers.

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