Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Hell-of-a Halloween

So we're a bunch of glutton for punishment because we started our partying for Halloween early. This year, it was at our wonderful hosts Shawn & Fawn's home in Henderson. We also had another reason good to celebrate being that it was the couples anniversary. Just look at the beautiful Hillbilly bride in the middle of the photo.

This year, Johnny and I went as devils--Mr. and Mrs. Satan to the members of the party although I think this "costume" is more of accurate depiction of my real nature when I'm behind the wheel.

As soon as we turned the corner to Shawn & Fawn's house, a rock settled in our stomach as we saw flashing lights and the coroner's truck in front of their house. Only to realize it was part of their Halloween decor as we soon saw a corpse coming out of the lawn, goblins hanging from trees, and the ultimate grim reaper awaiting our arrival. It was only appropriate, given our attire, that the welcoming party made us feel right at home.

Once inside, it felt like we certainly had gone to hell. The walking dead were dancing with the wicked witch of the west to the tune of Michael Jackson's Thriller. I was more taken aback by the awesome work Shawn & Fawn did to the house. There was not a single painting or figurine in the house that did not have to do with this pagan day.

Alas, inside the kitchen was a spread of feast for the dead. We made Kitty Litter Cake, the recipe is courtesy of Annejelynn. Though it was initially met with grimace, the cake later won fans after they discovered it actually tasted much better than it looked. The best part were the little tootsie rolls "dumps" which were carefully formed by Johnny. He liked eating them too!

The funniest thing happened as I recognized a face in the crowd who happened to be someone I use to work with at the junior college I attended in CA. It was Will!! A mutual had told me he had moved here to Vegas but I never thought I would run into him at a party a block away from where I live. What a small world, huh?

We had so much fun--the food was yummy, drinks were plenty and thirst-quenching, and great company of people. Co-workers of Johnny, good friends, and the hosts--who are two of the nicest, caring, and generous people we know. I didn't get a chance to take as much photos as I would've liked but got enough to remember the evening by. Photos not posted here are on my Kodak Gallery album.

The rest of my weekend was spent cleaning up the HUGE mess I made in the kitchen. It looked like there was an explosion in there, I'm surprised there was enough left from my baking to actually form a cake...LOL!! That's plenty of baking for the entire academic year than I am capable of doing. Heck, it's a wonder the cake was actually edible!!

Maybe next year, I might have better luck with the crowd if I bring Devil's Food Cake (from the grocery store). Until then, I think I'll stick to being just plain old "me"--horns and tail tucked in.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

What's Up?

Johnny has taken up in-line skating and you can see him in all black to the right of the goalie as he charges after the puck. He's on the Bad Apples team and this was the last game of the season. I love their logo, a skull with a rotten apple dripping juices down its head.

Johnny absolutely loves the thrill and fast pace of the sport and I have a feeling I will be at the rink weekly to watch him play and cheer on the team.

As for me, I went shopping for wedding items yesterday with my sweet mother-in-law, Maggie. We accomplished so much during our day together but neither of us expected to find the gown for my wedding that day. After trying on several dresses, I knew when I had slipped that elegant, figure hugging gown with beautifully detailed embroidery that THAT was THE GOWN. It was a perfect fit--like it was made for me. Sadly, I will not be able to post pictures as it is a surprise to Johnny which he will only see the day I walk down the aisle to the tune of Kaulana Kawaihea to say, "I do".

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sam's Town

Here I am at Sam's Town watching some water wilderness show with animatronic creatures. Several ladies (I consider them practically my family) whom I use to work with at the junior college in CA came to town to visit and were staying at Sam's Town.

We had a hay day shopping at the outlet mall one day and as if that wasn't enough, they hit the other outlet AND the Fashion Show. I had to drop out of the race since I was quickly running out of energy and my wallet was underweight =)

They stayed for several days for a training to learn part of the administration of a grant that I had helped write. We worked SO hard for it over so many months--and if finally paid off. Valley College was finally one of the recipients of the Treo grant and we hope it will continue for many years after.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Muah ha ha! They're ALIVE!!!

Right now I'm feelin' like Dr. Frankenstein--or more appropriately, Mae Clarke as I awaken my sleeping iMac's, Elvis and Elfie. Finally I can reap the rewards of hours of setting up furniture, hooking up wires and cables, and arranging big and small electronics in what is to be my office in our new home.

At last, we are together again after months of separation from my ePals and no better place than our roomy new domain!! What joy it is to hear the synchronism of all of my eToys humming in unison.

Posing for you is Elvis, dawning a racy animal print and the new addition to the family, It (I haven't name It yet...). That's because It is running Windows and, therefore, not as accepted by the veterans Elvis and Elfie.

Well, good work for now. Must jump in the shower to wisk lunch off to my one-and-only real honey, Johnny!! It's so so nice that I'm even much closer to his work and taking some grub to him is much more convenient. Ta-ta!!