Saturday, September 17, 2005

Starship and Celine Dion

What have I been up to? Since the semester started, I've been so wrapped up in schoolwork, my honey, friends, family, work, and extracurricular activities!! It's all been good though. I'm not complaining.

Where should I begin to recount the past two weeks? Labor Day weekend, we witnessed the performance of Starship, the remaining quartet of musicians from the members of the popular 70's and 80's rock band, "Jefferson Starship".

Although the group was without the magnificent vocalist, Grace Slick, their performance was still fantastic within the intimate settings of the Alladin Showroom!! Here we are after the show with lead singer Mickey Thomas in the middle. I got his autograph on my ticket stub!! (No monetary offers, please--it's not for sale) Two weeks later, I still can't get the songs out of my head, "Sara"..."We Built this City on Rock-and-Roll"!!

The following weekend, we saw the Celine Dion show, "A New Day" at Caesar's Palace. All I can say is, "Wow." She is quite the talented singer and the entire major theatrical production was unbelievably entertaining. Throughout the show pianos, brides, and picture frames with animated people float across the stage. The performance of the dancers are spectacular and the production is enhanced by the 3D screen in the background that displays stormy skies, life-like trees dying, the city lights like the photo here. A must see how when visiting Vegas!!

Meanwhile, classes are back in session. This semester it's Management, Management Information Systems, Business Law and Statistics for me.

Johnny and I still try to take the boat out on Lake Mead. He's getting pretty darn good on his wake skate. One day, I'll have enough guts to get out there and try the same. For now, I'm stuck on the boat until I learn how to swim first.

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ik said...

Ah, you have interesting classes this semester. Glad to see you doing well.