Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dancing to the Coors at the Venetian

Today is one of my sister's birthday. I'll have to call her when I recover from having too much fun last night. Friday evening began with a make-up consultation at the SmashBox counter. I parted from the Fashion Show mall to meet up with my sweetie and his lovely parents at the Venetian. The Coors were performing in one of the lounges and it was such a great show!! Johnny's parents, John and Maggie, even got up to dance a couple times (that's them in the picture). They're so cute!! I love watching them because after 34 years, they are still very much in love (I will post photos of them on their wedding day eventually). Maggie even got me to go up and dance with her. LOL!!! I think she danced me off the floor! She's so much fun and the sweetest person I know. Great cook, great mom, compassionate, always politically correct and fair (although Johnny thinks she sides with me more than him :P) not to mention she's still knock-out beautiful. She always gets hit on when we're together in public and people sometime mistaken us for sisters. Hey, that's perfectly fine with me!

We left the lounge and ended the night after dinner at a nearby restaurant. The next day, Johnny and I met up with his good friends, Shawn and Fawn. They have such a killer house with the biggest backyard I've seen in Vegas. Complete with a beach entry pool, fish pond, and tikkis--this oasis is just a block away from our house. Guess where I'll be when the weather gets too hot? We will be celebrating Halloween with them because rumor has it, they throw a killer party!!

Sunday, I went over to do hair with Johnny's mom. With bleach and dye in our hair, we sat by the pool sipping maragaritas. Yumm!! The weather couldn't be more perfect. After that, I went back to my place to cook for my honey--lettuce wraps, Laotian style. P.F. Changs' eat your heart out!! We had so much fun as we gathered around the dinner table with my roommates while eating yummy lettuce wraps. Dinner like that is much more fun with good company! Aaah...what a wonderful weekend.

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