Saturday, August 27, 2005

2nd Year in Las Vegas!

It's been exactly a year ago when I loaded up my little Honda Civic with my things and kitty cat, Winnie. With the help of my sweetheart, Johnny, I moved to Las Vegas after sad goodbye's to friends and family at LAVC! Though I've been happy in my new home in Vegas, to finally be with my honey, and have made new friends in NV, I still think of my peeps in CA and will visit very soon. As the new Fall semester rolls around my tummy turns slightly at the thought of another semester at UNLV but it's a good feeling going into my senior year. I began to think what's happened in the past year since I left the valley? Well let's see...

I found a job in the wonderful Psych Department the first day I was here. Love the people I work with, JAG, Pam, Joan, Jose.
I joined CSUN and was re-elected as Senator for my college.
I was elected as Officer of Information Technology of American Marketing Association (AMA).
I participated in the President's Leadership Certification Program and that led to a lot of fun activities including Samurai Games, Leadership Retreat at Potosi Pines, and 7-habits series.
I took my sweetheart to Seattle to visit my family for Thanksgiving.
Christmas in Las Vegas has never been better!
Johnny and I visited his family in Corona Del Mar for Christmas.
I was hired on as staff to the Psych Department after the new year and now have a desk by a window!
I have wonderful roommates, Winnie, Fabian, and Oksana.
I have a new niece, Caelia, born to my oldest sister, Chante, and her husband, Sam, in Spokane, WA.
I went to Hawaii for the first time with my sweetie!
My long-time and true sweetheart proposed to me.
Finally got my A.A. in Economics.
I finally saw the day when my older sister, whom I thought would never get married, get engaged/married during my last visit to Spokane, WA.
3rd year dating anniversary since Johnny and I met in Hermosa Beach, CA.
Johnny and I now have a boat to cruise on Lake Mead.
We will be moving to our new home very soon and just recently sold his house!

I can't be any happier with the past year. This coming year, will be the best yet. We're looking forward to getting married and sharing our lives together--doing everything together because life is about living, loving, and being happy around friends and family!

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