Saturday, August 27, 2005

2nd Year in Las Vegas!

It's been exactly a year ago when I loaded up my little Honda Civic with my things and kitty cat, Winnie. With the help of my sweetheart, Johnny, I moved to Las Vegas after sad goodbye's to friends and family at LAVC! Though I've been happy in my new home in Vegas, to finally be with my honey, and have made new friends in NV, I still think of my peeps in CA and will visit very soon. As the new Fall semester rolls around my tummy turns slightly at the thought of another semester at UNLV but it's a good feeling going into my senior year. I began to think what's happened in the past year since I left the valley? Well let's see...

I found a job in the wonderful Psych Department the first day I was here. Love the people I work with, JAG, Pam, Joan, Jose.
I joined CSUN and was re-elected as Senator for my college.
I was elected as Officer of Information Technology of American Marketing Association (AMA).
I participated in the President's Leadership Certification Program and that led to a lot of fun activities including Samurai Games, Leadership Retreat at Potosi Pines, and 7-habits series.
I took my sweetheart to Seattle to visit my family for Thanksgiving.
Christmas in Las Vegas has never been better!
Johnny and I visited his family in Corona Del Mar for Christmas.
I was hired on as staff to the Psych Department after the new year and now have a desk by a window!
I have wonderful roommates, Winnie, Fabian, and Oksana.
I have a new niece, Caelia, born to my oldest sister, Chante, and her husband, Sam, in Spokane, WA.
I went to Hawaii for the first time with my sweetie!
My long-time and true sweetheart proposed to me.
Finally got my A.A. in Economics.
I finally saw the day when my older sister, whom I thought would never get married, get engaged/married during my last visit to Spokane, WA.
3rd year dating anniversary since Johnny and I met in Hermosa Beach, CA.
Johnny and I now have a boat to cruise on Lake Mead.
We will be moving to our new home very soon and just recently sold his house!

I can't be any happier with the past year. This coming year, will be the best yet. We're looking forward to getting married and sharing our lives together--doing everything together because life is about living, loving, and being happy around friends and family!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dancing to the Coors at the Venetian

Today is one of my sister's birthday. I'll have to call her when I recover from having too much fun last night. Friday evening began with a make-up consultation at the SmashBox counter. I parted from the Fashion Show mall to meet up with my sweetie and his lovely parents at the Venetian. The Coors were performing in one of the lounges and it was such a great show!! Johnny's parents, John and Maggie, even got up to dance a couple times (that's them in the picture). They're so cute!! I love watching them because after 34 years, they are still very much in love (I will post photos of them on their wedding day eventually). Maggie even got me to go up and dance with her. LOL!!! I think she danced me off the floor! She's so much fun and the sweetest person I know. Great cook, great mom, compassionate, always politically correct and fair (although Johnny thinks she sides with me more than him :P) not to mention she's still knock-out beautiful. She always gets hit on when we're together in public and people sometime mistaken us for sisters. Hey, that's perfectly fine with me!

We left the lounge and ended the night after dinner at a nearby restaurant. The next day, Johnny and I met up with his good friends, Shawn and Fawn. They have such a killer house with the biggest backyard I've seen in Vegas. Complete with a beach entry pool, fish pond, and tikkis--this oasis is just a block away from our house. Guess where I'll be when the weather gets too hot? We will be celebrating Halloween with them because rumor has it, they throw a killer party!!

Sunday, I went over to do hair with Johnny's mom. With bleach and dye in our hair, we sat by the pool sipping maragaritas. Yumm!! The weather couldn't be more perfect. After that, I went back to my place to cook for my honey--lettuce wraps, Laotian style. P.F. Changs' eat your heart out!! We had so much fun as we gathered around the dinner table with my roommates while eating yummy lettuce wraps. Dinner like that is much more fun with good company! Aaah...what a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Curve

Very ConfusedAs I was studying for my final exam in Statistics, my mind slowly wandered astray to ponder "the grade curve". Okay. So...I am not doing so well in this chocolate-overdose-inducing 5-week crash course in a subject which I positively have an inherent aversion to. But I've always done well in my other academic courses and never--I mean never have done so poorly as I have in this class.

With that said, I think I'm beginning to understand why instructors grade on a curve. The thought that crept across my mind was this:

Dear ECON 261 Instructor,

This is what I have learned about statistics, the mean, and a sample. Let's say our class is a sample of the UNLV student population or of all business students required to take ECON 261. If we calculate the mean of the exam grades in our class and plot my grade on this mean, it may reveal that I am faring a grade that is average with other students in the class. Average = C ( pains me to type that). How does that sound for my final grade?
Okay, so there are students who have done well on the tests but they are outliers, unusually small observations outside the normal distribution and thus skewing the data. The textbook also states on pp. 110-111 "its validity is suspect", "outliers should be checked", and finally, "outliers can also represent unusual observations that should be investigated". Therefore, we can just ignore this part of the data, right?
Given that it is a summer session, the probability of the average student absorbing 12 weeks of materials in 5 weeks is a somewhat low. (Okay, I'm grasping at straws here...) Are there extra points for effort? (Sigh. Should I have stopped after the first paragraph?)
Okay. Maybe that sounds a little too desperate. No, this note begging for leniency is definitely not desperate--it's a flat out plea for mercy! NoOOoo, not another 12 weeks with Statistics!!! Puhleeeze don't make me do it...wa haa haa...don't make me, please!

Maybe...if I spent as much time thinking about "the curve", I might actually ace this final exam tomorrow. Okay, okay...back to studying now.
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Updated: Aug.11.2005

Well, the test wasn't so bad. I actually think I did pretty well. I don't know why I let my self get all twisted like a pretzel. Staying calm under pressure is something I take pride in but I guess taking final exams is just not an activity where I can be Ms. Cool, Calm, and Collected nor try to feign.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Happy Birthday, Chippy!!

I would like to wish a very happy 23rd birthday to my little bro' "Chippy"!! (Chippy is my nickname for him; adopted from the days when I'd come home after school to find him watching Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers") I'm sure it wasn't easy growing up with four older sisters. There was never one week when one of us was not PMS-ing or without a crisis of one sort or another. We frequently dressed him up like a girl, complete with a flower tucked behind the ear and make-up. (As if we needed another female in the house) I actually think he liked it!! Ah, so many memories...but I will always remember the day I gave him a bloody nose. He was intensely fixated on the t.v. screen while playing one of his video games so I jumped in front of his line of sight to break his focus--and feigned a punch towards his face. Alas!! I misjudged my distance and accidently punched him in the nose. (I still swear--it was an accident, Chippy) I remember hearing a distinct "pop!" like the sound of bubble gum bursting as he covered his nose and ran off--but not before he shot me this bewildered, injured puppy look. He later said that it was the first time he bled through both nostrils. After that day, he would vengefully vow, "when I get bigger than you...(blah, blah, blah)..." to which I matter-of-factly replied that as he gets bigger, so will I so he will never outgrow me. So what did he do? What any angry little brother would do when picked on--he sought revenge!
One night I couldn't sleep. My bed was very uncomfortable as I tossed and turned all night. I felt every little pill the old hand-me-down sheets must have had. Weeks later when I mentioned my sleepness night, he admitted that he was so mad when I punched him in the nose that he crumbled cookies in my bed!! Cookies. If he hadn't said, "Geez, you're so sensitive like the Princess and the Pea because I didn't think you'd feel the crumbs I had crushed so finely into your bed!"--I would've undoubtedly given him bloody nose #2.
Lucky for him I stopped pretending that I was the next action hero and so the years have passed since then. I wonder if he still remembers? Photo was taken in Thailand. That's me on the left and Chippy is sitting on my older sister on the right. The photo was almost destroyed in a house fire and I'm glad to still have it so I can embarrass him on days like this ;)

Friday, August 05, 2005

Alert Snack-o-holics!

Just when you thought there couldn't be anything better than Funyuns--there's Funyuns with Wasabi!! Full of flavor and delightfully crunchy; these rings of wonder are a perfect blend of spices and spiciness that'll satisfy the pickiest taste buds; A 'must-try' in a lifetime-you definitely don't want to miss this! Reporting from Las Vegas-I'm Daly your Queen of Snacks (ahem--not junk food!!)