Saturday, July 02, 2005

My Sisters & Brother

Sunnyside, WA (1983). These are my sibblings from left to right is Chante (the oldest), Bea (my older sister), Chitt (my only little brother), and Money (the second sister). That's me--in the blue sweater laughing with my missing two front teeth.

I just realized we have all married (or are marrying) out of our names to Fleming, Owens, Hennes, and Costanza except my little brother. He's the only one to carry the last name no one can spell.

My dad made up our last name when we came to the states. He created it from the first initial of his mom's name, the name of his favorite uncle, and a Laotian word that means "heaven". So we're the only Sorvongsavanh's in the world and the rest of our relatives are in Laos.

I am proud of my last name but will be happy to take on the last name of my sweetheart's. I won't miss having to spell my maiden name over the phone which is always a big ordeal. S as in Sam, O, R, V as in Victor, O, N as in Nancy, G, S as in Sam, A, V as in Victor, A, N as in Nancy, H. After all that effort, companies always get the spelling wrong. Sometimes I lose track and forget in the midst of spelling. I can always tell when I get a call from someone that doesn't know me because they butcher my last name--talk about an advantage.

After filling out bubbles on tests time after time, I decided to marry someone with a short last name--at the beginning of the alphabet. Imagine through my dating years..."what's your last name?" and "oh, I'm sorry. I can't date you because of your last name. It just will not do." Seriously, that wasn't a factor to why I dated Johnny. His last name is just a plus!Posted by Picasa

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