Friday, July 22, 2005

Bull Dogs

Tom & Jerry was always one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. I loved Jerry but at times I secretly wished that Tom would catch Jerry--like, really get him good. But Jerry always had a way of slipping Tom's evil grasps or was managed to be saved by Spike, the pit bull.

Recently there have been news revolving around the issue of bull dogs mauling and killing children. Some communities have resorted to extreme measures such as banning the breeding of such dogs. My view on that is dogs are animals and, like humans, have their good and bad days. Except one of the things that make them different is their inability to verbally communicate their thoughts as we have the capability to do. So when a child gets in their face and it also happens to be one of their PMS days, they will react with instinct and in the way they only know how--and that is to bite in order to release their aggression. Bull dog or golden retriever, they all have the potential to bite.

I've always been afraid of dogs, regardless of how friendly they seem, for fear that they would bite me. In Laos, the dogs aren't domestic but wild and I knew people that were chased down and bitten by dogs. To this today, the fear of dogs remains in me although I usually appear calm and trusting--I'll even go as far as petting them.

I love animals and have met lots of cute and friendly dogs (even considered getting one) but people shouldn't forget, however, dogs are dogs and will at times instinctually react without reason.

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