Sunday, July 17, 2005

Boating on Lake Mead

Moomba in tow, the boys named it "Beaver Retreaver"--I had NOTHING to do with naming it, okay? Although Johnny jokes, "Look at the veaver I caught". We took it out on Lake Mead tonight. I had SO much fun even though all my toys were waterlogged--camera, cell phone, and planner (I'm sitting here soaking wet) was WELL worth it. The lake is so beautiful at sunset. It was nice to get out and relax. Beer, my favorite snacks, and excellent company...I couldn't have asked for more.

Well...except taking swimming lessons so I can swim in Lake Mead. Rather than be like a cat on a stranded island that's a boat. For now, you might find me like this on the boat...where there's no water.

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