Monday, June 13, 2005

Penny Collector

I remember I use to collect soda cans after Coca-Cola sparked my fascination with the ever changing aluminum pop top...I especially liked their holiday line. I would shake the soda pop, then poke a hole through the "0" in the serial number so I could empty the container without opening the top. My assortment of cans were displayed in my room--stacked high in a staggered fashion. Every now and then the pyramid would tumble and fall like tin I eventually got tired of collecting cans and got rid of them. Don't worry, I recycled them.

Now I collect pressed pennies. There are a lot more than what I have pictured here. I have started to compile them now that I finally have a coin album to store them in. I intend to find all the penny locations through starting with NV and press away! So if you look in my coin purse, I always carry two quarters and a shiny new penny of the current year...just in case I come upon a penny machine. Posted by Hello

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