Saturday, June 18, 2005

Bea's Engagement

I am here in Pasco, WA at my sister's engagement. She is dawning the traditional garb of a Laotian bride. You should see the groom's outfit--he wears hammer pants! In our custom, the groom comes to the bride instead of the other way around as with American weddings. The ceremony begins with the guests parading the groom across town singing, "Oh dear mother-in-law!...Here comes your son-in-law (yada yada yada)". They do this so the whole community is aware that the groom is taken. The procession ends at the doorsteps of the ceremonial location where the groom gets his feet rinsed to rid of bad luck that may have stuck to his feet.

In honor of this special day, I propose a toast to my sister:

I have known Bea for the past 28-years. At first I doubted that she was my true sister because she would do aweful things to me such as stuffing a towel down my mouth to stifle my cries when I was a baby, squeezing an orange rind into my eye because she was embarrased that I had wet my pants in kindergarten, and allowing me to run into a tree while training me to ride a bike because some cute boys were watching...

We became best friends as we got older. Now we were doing these bad things together like sneaking out of the house to see our boyfriends (but I got caught when my mother chased me down the street in her sarong...LOL)!!

Well, my sister definitely deserves the best and there is no better man who fits that description than Dan. I wish them a long, loving, and happy marriage!! Cheers!

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