Monday, June 20, 2005

About Me

About Me - A work in progress (and inspired by Celti)

  • I was born in the capital of the country of Laos (contrary to what someone believed--it is not an island)
  • I am an Aries (Snake in Chinese Astrology)
  • I recently got engaged married to my long-time sweetheart of three four years, Johnny.
  • I have two distinguishing marks on my face: a mole near my lip (according to one old wives' tale means I talk a lot and have been questioned if it was a tattoo) and a scar between my brows which I refer to as my alien landing when asked
  • My birth name means "Wednesday Flower" in Laotian (my parents were hippies and they didn't know it)
  • I have always wanted a sea monkey as a pet (because the small friendly creature resembles a cross between a frog and a little naked human)
  • My favorite color is red lime green
  • I use to think that the Pillsbury Doughboy was real and wanted one so badly I made my little brother pretend he was the doughboy
  • I accidently punched my little brother in the nose when he was playing video games and gave him his first two-notril bloody nose; he sought revenge with crushed cookie crumbs scattered secretly in my bed
  • My lucky number is 23
  • I have two cats one cat named Mickey and Winnie (bless their little hearts) Havi
  • I drive a platinum gray silver 2005 VW Jetta (the model before the change in body style that looks more like a Camry) Dodge Durango
  • I collect pressed pennies and it's my goal this year to find all the penny press machines in Vegas
  • A lie I tell myself is that I will study, exercise, organize my photos, and organize my office instead of blogging
  • If my house burned down, I would take my laptop, digital camera, original photos of my dad when he was young and Havi
  • I was raised a Buddhist, baptized a Gideon Lutheran, and once fancied converting to Catholicism
  • I still believe in some form of reincarnation and if it does in fact exist, I would come back as ____________
  • The hardest thing for me is telling the people I care about how truly I feel
  • Physical traits I inherited from my father are his nose, eyes, and smile
  • Personality traits I inherited from my mother are her total lack of the value of money and her sense of time which is set in "Laotian" time
  • I almost died: from rat poisoning, in a rollover accident on the freeway, when I almost rolled down a cliff in a hurricane, electrocution (several times), and from toxic chemical poisoning when I mixed household chemicals together because the label said NOT to do it.
  • I have lived in Laos, Thailand, the Phillipines, WA, and CA
  • I had a little brother who didn't make it to America (he would have been 27 yrs. old)
  • The name "Daly" was given to me by my sponsor and was suppose to be pronounced like Cali
  • I'm just getting comfortable hugging my parents and telling my dad that I love him (but not yet my mom)
  • English is not my first language
  • I've had the nicknames: Ken, Smiley, Chipmunk Cheeks, 2DM (2 drink minimum)
  • One idiosyncrasy of mine is to turn a roll of toilet paper around so the paper comes down from back to front
  • I still speak, Laotian, my native language (but not very well)
  • At the moment, I have a bad habit of saying, "yum-yum", when thinking as opposed to "uh" (which my sweetheart thinks is weird) and "you know what I mean?"
  • I'll eat anything--except lima beans. It tastes like band-aid would taste. Much like how celery tastes like a hippo would smell
  • I love the sound of ice when it is stirred

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