Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Dots! Their one of my favorite candies to eat!! As I was chewing the colorful assortment of fruit flavored gummy treats, I thought about my math homework. We are studying combinations, permutations, and probability. So here's a practical example of a mathematical concept happening right in my mouth.

In the box I Dots that I was eating, I estimated there were: 25 orange dots, 10 yellow dots, 12 green dots, 20 red dots, 10 pink dots for a total of 77 dots. What are my chances of getting two pink dots (one of my favorite flavors—watermelon)? The answer: 90 out of 5,852 times I would most likely have to draw from the box before I get exactly two pink dots and not a combination of other colors or pink and another color. Boy…I better get busy eating!

Other facts:

  • The chances of someone having the same birthday as you is 89% if you were around 39 other people. You are almost guaranteed to find someone with the same birthday as you if you were near 50 people (97%) to 70 people (99.9916%).
  • When tossing two dies, your best probability is getting the sum of 7 (6 out of 36) and your chances of getting the numbers 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 decreases the farther you get away from 7? 2 and 12 have the lowest probability because you have to roll (1,1) or (6,6).
  • From a deck of 52 cards a hand of 5 cards is dealt. How many different hands are possible? Hint: It's more than the thousands--it's in the millions (2,598,960 to be exact).

Go ahead, take a guess at the probability of getting a royal flush!! I will post the answer as soon as I figure it out. But...if I hae to take a stab...I'd say the event of that happening is...r-a-r-e. Yep, siree Bob.

Alright. I did my homework and my math teacher should be proud of me. And to think it all started with a bunch of chewy, colorful, yummy dots!! (oh shoot. they're all gone!)

One a side note: what's the probability of having a dispute with a receptionist at a salon in a mall, and two days later passing her on the stairs of a building one floor away from where I work?! What are the chances of all the people that work in Vegas, of all the students and employees on campus, all the minutes and seconds in a day--her and I cross paths AGAIN in the stairwell between the 3rd and 4th floor of my building. Darn! It was my chance to punch her out and NO ONE could've witnessed the event.

7/14/2005---by the way...I got an "A" in the course!

Monday, June 20, 2005

About Me

About Me - A work in progress (and inspired by Celti)

  • I was born in the capital of the country of Laos (contrary to what someone believed--it is not an island)
  • I am an Aries (Snake in Chinese Astrology)
  • I recently got engaged married to my long-time sweetheart of three four years, Johnny.
  • I have two distinguishing marks on my face: a mole near my lip (according to one old wives' tale means I talk a lot and have been questioned if it was a tattoo) and a scar between my brows which I refer to as my alien landing when asked
  • My birth name means "Wednesday Flower" in Laotian (my parents were hippies and they didn't know it)
  • I have always wanted a sea monkey as a pet (because the small friendly creature resembles a cross between a frog and a little naked human)
  • My favorite color is red lime green
  • I use to think that the Pillsbury Doughboy was real and wanted one so badly I made my little brother pretend he was the doughboy
  • I accidently punched my little brother in the nose when he was playing video games and gave him his first two-notril bloody nose; he sought revenge with crushed cookie crumbs scattered secretly in my bed
  • My lucky number is 23
  • I have two cats one cat named Mickey and Winnie (bless their little hearts) Havi
  • I drive a platinum gray silver 2005 VW Jetta (the model before the change in body style that looks more like a Camry) Dodge Durango
  • I collect pressed pennies and it's my goal this year to find all the penny press machines in Vegas
  • A lie I tell myself is that I will study, exercise, organize my photos, and organize my office instead of blogging
  • If my house burned down, I would take my laptop, digital camera, original photos of my dad when he was young and Havi
  • I was raised a Buddhist, baptized a Gideon Lutheran, and once fancied converting to Catholicism
  • I still believe in some form of reincarnation and if it does in fact exist, I would come back as ____________
  • The hardest thing for me is telling the people I care about how truly I feel
  • Physical traits I inherited from my father are his nose, eyes, and smile
  • Personality traits I inherited from my mother are her total lack of the value of money and her sense of time which is set in "Laotian" time
  • I almost died: from rat poisoning, in a rollover accident on the freeway, when I almost rolled down a cliff in a hurricane, electrocution (several times), and from toxic chemical poisoning when I mixed household chemicals together because the label said NOT to do it.
  • I have lived in Laos, Thailand, the Phillipines, WA, and CA
  • I had a little brother who didn't make it to America (he would have been 27 yrs. old)
  • The name "Daly" was given to me by my sponsor and was suppose to be pronounced like Cali
  • I'm just getting comfortable hugging my parents and telling my dad that I love him (but not yet my mom)
  • English is not my first language
  • I've had the nicknames: Ken, Smiley, Chipmunk Cheeks, 2DM (2 drink minimum)
  • One idiosyncrasy of mine is to turn a roll of toilet paper around so the paper comes down from back to front
  • I still speak, Laotian, my native language (but not very well)
  • At the moment, I have a bad habit of saying, "yum-yum", when thinking as opposed to "uh" (which my sweetheart thinks is weird) and "you know what I mean?"
  • I'll eat anything--except lima beans. It tastes like band-aid would taste. Much like how celery tastes like a hippo would smell
  • I love the sound of ice when it is stirred

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Ceremony

This is what a traditional engagement/wedding ceremony looks like. The parents are the witnesses to this union--each sitting to the side of the child they're giving away. The preacher gives blessings to the couple followed by the guests. Can't believe my sister is getting married! I now have an extended family: Dan (her fiance/husband), his sister Heather, and parents Audrey and Randy.

Bea's Engagement

I am here in Pasco, WA at my sister's engagement. She is dawning the traditional garb of a Laotian bride. You should see the groom's outfit--he wears hammer pants! In our custom, the groom comes to the bride instead of the other way around as with American weddings. The ceremony begins with the guests parading the groom across town singing, "Oh dear mother-in-law!...Here comes your son-in-law (yada yada yada)". They do this so the whole community is aware that the groom is taken. The procession ends at the doorsteps of the ceremonial location where the groom gets his feet rinsed to rid of bad luck that may have stuck to his feet.

In honor of this special day, I propose a toast to my sister:

I have known Bea for the past 28-years. At first I doubted that she was my true sister because she would do aweful things to me such as stuffing a towel down my mouth to stifle my cries when I was a baby, squeezing an orange rind into my eye because she was embarrased that I had wet my pants in kindergarten, and allowing me to run into a tree while training me to ride a bike because some cute boys were watching...

We became best friends as we got older. Now we were doing these bad things together like sneaking out of the house to see our boyfriends (but I got caught when my mother chased me down the street in her sarong...LOL)!!

Well, my sister definitely deserves the best and there is no better man who fits that description than Dan. I wish them a long, loving, and happy marriage!! Cheers!


See that blister on my pointer finger? My evil slavedriver sister put me to work in the kitchen slicing cheese and dry Italian sausages until a blister developed. This will not do. Must...try...to cook!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Leaving Las Vegas

I'm on the plane to WA to see my family. I'm excited about the trip but at the same time am sad to leave my sweetheart and the kitties behind in Vegas. I hate to separate from him--period. Let alone be far away in another state.

Don’t get me wrong, I also miss my family and look forward to seeing them--my new niece who was born in April, my nephew who just turned one years old and his parents from Seattle, my mom and dad, little brother and his wife from Minnesota, and my sister and her fiancé who is getting engaged this weekend—the main reason for me braving 10,000 feet altitude. (I can never get over my childish fear of flying).

So there I was tearing like a little girl—which then turned into uncontrollable gasps each time the plane rocked and decreased altitude. It was not fun. I couldn’t tell if I was crying because I was truly scared or crying because I really miss my baby. It was probably a bit of both.

Oh…I’m already homesick.

I had missed my flight earlier this afternoon due to the incompetence of a certain taxi dispatcher. It took all I could muster to keep from crying and screaming at the ticket counter when they wouldn't allow me to board because they require check-in 30 minutes before flight departure.

Johnny immediately came to the airport after I called him with the bad news. His instant remedy: dinner at Phó Kim Long (Vietnamese noodle soup). He knew exactly the right thing to do that would guarantee a smile on my face--and it worked! Afterwards, we relaxed at home until it was time to leave for the airport again. This time, I received a hugs-and-kisses send-off before preceding through check-in to board my flight.

I love my sweetie for his support and caring. He knows how to make the best of things and, once again, my happiness was his priority. The silver lining in my cloud was the opportunity to spend more quality time with him rather than layovers at airports.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When He Asked Me to Marry Him

Every girl has her own fantasy of the perfect marriage proposal. When that moment came for me, I would've never guess it would be...at the mall? That moment could not have been more perfect--a moment I will always remember and I was never happier to say "YES!!".

My long-time sweetheart of three years, Johnny, who had just returned from browsing the mall this evening, picked me up for dinner after my long day of work and classes. He asked if we could return to the mall prior to dinner to pick up a photo he had framed that was ready for pick-up.

Once in the mall, we made our way to pick up the "framed photo" and as we walked past a jewelry store, he made a quick detour into the place saying, "Wait, let's stop here quickly. I want to show you something really weird I saw when I was in here earlier looking for a watch." (He always does this). As we approached, the M.J. Christensen representative, Heather, was cleaning the display case. She glanced in our direction and cheerfully said, "I'll be out of your way in just a second".

When Heather finished, she stepped aside and then Johnny pointed to a dazzling ring displayed inside the showcase. A single princess cut diamond solitaire mounted on a beveled platinum band. Simple but elegant. I remember innocently thinking, that is exactly how I pictured my engagement ring to be. The label in front of the setting read, "NEW: Daly Princess Cut Diamond" to which I responded in amazement, "Hey--that's spelled just like my name!"

Johnny echoed, "I know. Isn't that weird?!?" I thought it was only a simple coincidence that setting had the same name as mine. (Daly is more common as a last name so I didn't think much of it; there is a Carson Daly, John Daly, Daly City (CA)).

Just then Heather piped in, "Yep, that's our new Daly Princess Cut Diamond" pronouncing the name as "Dolly". I was taken aback when she pronounced it like my name. (Most people pronounce "Daly" like "daily" or like "dilly-dally".

So there was Clue #1: Not only was this setting spelled the same as my name, it was also pronounced the same way as I pronounce my name. But I genuinely thought it was a coincidence.

Oblivious to the impending event, I asked Heather how the setting was named and she explained that it was the perfect princess cut and there are only a few of those stones in the world. I bought here explanation without scrutiny and justified to her that the guy who perfected that cut must have named it after himself.

Heather then suggested I sit down to try the ring on and handed the solitaire setting to me. I hesitantly took a seat knowing we still had errands to run before dinner but slipped on the ring.

Clue #2: It was a perfect fit.

I still had not caught on although I was bewildered that the ring was my size but, once again, I simply thought it was just another coincidence. Size 6 is a very common size, I told myself.

Johnny, was still standing (his usual cue that we are not staying long so he's not going to get comfortable) asked Heather the typical questions a casual buyer usually would; cut, clarity, carat, etc. After answering a few of his questions, Heather couldn't give him the details of the ring so she finally offered to show us the EGL certificate as she moved away from the counter saying, "Why don't you guys just wait here and I will go get it."

Before she could slip into the back of the store, Johnny asked, "Just curious, how much is the ring?"

Heather (occupied as she had just walked away) called back to us, "The price is under the box if you guys want to look."

I honestly didn't even want to know the price of this gorgeous ring but, since I was closer to the box than Johnny, cautiously picked it up to view the price tag.

I automatically read from the bottom of the box without thought to what I was actually reading, "Daly, Will you marry me? Love, John." <-----Clue #3. A blatant clue but the message I had just read did not even register!

Instead I was thinking--'aha! another coincidence' (given the ring of the name was Daly) when I noticed the names Daly and John (never mind the message in between the names). I declared observantly, "Hey, hon--the names are just like ours!!" as I turned to look up at Johnny.

That was when I saw that his eyes were watering and he appeared to be trembling. I did a double-take looking at the message on the box and then back at him. At that moment, when the meaning of the message finally sank into my thick skull, I realized---OH MY GOD, HE IS PROPOSING TO ME!!! The both of them (Johnny and Heather) had me so fooled!!

I immediately burst into tears as Johnny got down on his knees and asked the question again. Through my shock and tears of joy, I dumbfoundedly stammered a "yes" in response to his inquiry--"I take that (my tears of joy) as a 'yes'?" as we hugged and cried. I remember thinking to myself during the times I fantasized about when he would ask me to marry him--I will not cry when the question is popped like all of the lucky women before me. Well...never say never because I cried tears of joy.

The place fell silent as strangers around us realized what had just happened. Cheers and congratulatory affirmations followed as they joined in the celebration of our good news.

Meanwhile, the cunning Heather was shooting away with a camera she snuck out--capturing the moment of revelation. She admitted she was so nervous for us, her hands were shaking where they were hidden underneath the display case!

There I was with the only man I had dreamt of spending the rest of my life with, the perfect ring, the perfect proposal. Weeks of research and numerous rehearsals, my scheming sweetheart proposed in the most perfect way beyond my wildest imaginations!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thereafter, we went to eat at King's Fish House in the Green Valley District where the hostess was so moved by our good news that she tearily announced our engagement to the staff. One by one, they came to congratulate us. Our evening was graced by delicious food, congratulations, and more food and drinks on the house. The manager even printed a personalized menu with a congratulatory message for us to keep.

I don't remember much besides that. I was still in a daze; we both were. All I know is I am the happiest girl alive and proud to be the future Mrs. J.T.C.

I love you, sweetie, and have never been so absolute in my conviction when I said, "YES!!".

~.~.~.~.~March 23rd~.~.~.~

The perfect ring couldn't be more perfect for my birthday!

And I just love my band for our wedding day.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Penny Collector

I remember I use to collect soda cans after Coca-Cola sparked my fascination with the ever changing aluminum pop top...I especially liked their holiday line. I would shake the soda pop, then poke a hole through the "0" in the serial number so I could empty the container without opening the top. My assortment of cans were displayed in my room--stacked high in a staggered fashion. Every now and then the pyramid would tumble and fall like tin snow...so I eventually got tired of collecting cans and got rid of them. Don't worry, I recycled them.

Now I collect pressed pennies. There are a lot more than what I have pictured here. I have started to compile them now that I finally have a coin album to store them in. I intend to find all the penny locations through www.pennycollector.com starting with NV and press away! So if you look in my coin purse, I always carry two quarters and a shiny new penny of the current year...just in case I come upon a penny machine. Posted by Hello

It's just a piece of paper...isn't it?

I received good news today...my degree in Economics was finally conferred as of June 2005 from my prior stomping ground, the Los Angeles Valley College. I thought I would never get that degree and the only thing that held me back was math. So here I go again as I stand face to face with another math class...the only thing keeping me from admittance to my major. Well, one down in Economics with another to go--Finance. But don't ask me anything related to Economics. I don't know HOW I got an A.A. in that but my professor will be mighty proud if he knew. Posted by Hello

Enough adventure for one day.

Today, we were out on Lake Mead on a friend's boat. Johnny wanted to try the new wake skate I got him for his birthday but it was way too windy out on the lake.
At the marina, carps swarmed around for popcorn or bread. They are not scared of people so I would hate to fall in and have them nibble at me!

Instead our friend, Paul, took us out for a spin on his boat with his two kids. I was secretly having a heart attack, knuckles white--one hand gripping the side of the boat, the other a life jacket while his two darling children were gleefully laughing on the joy ride --enjoying every second we zipped across the surface of the lake at 55 m.p.h.--turning left and right like a menopausal witch on broom. You see, this was my first time on a boat that wasn't a ferry or where I wasn't sitting in a closed cabin.

The water was choppy, we bumped along and I voiced out loud, "I should've worn my sports bra!" which was followed by bursts of laughter from my shipmates. In the end, I was glad I went out there--against one of my worst fears of drowning. It was totally worth it. The water was warm and the weather absolutely beautiful! I think that's enough adrenaline for one day though.

I don't know what I'm going to do in several weeks when we get our Moomba wake board boat and I will have to drive to pull Johnny on his wake skate. Luckily, we'll only be going slower...much slower at 18 - 22 m.p.h. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Gimme Sum

Yum yum. Gimme Sum of that garlic chili shrimp with onions, snow peas and carrots next to brown rice. Oh...baby...YES!! In the same strip mall as Pei Wei on Sunset Blvd. in Henderson is a hidden gem call Gimme Sum Fresh Asian Grill. The menu includes delicious items such as

  • Grilled Chicken Spring Roll
  • Pineapple Shrimp
  • Teriyaki Sesame Scallops
  • and yes...even the Lettuce Wrap

This place also serves alcohol (yeah, baby), mouthwatering desserts, and their ice tea is killer!! I like to mix it with the light Minute Maid lemonade. All this healthy delicious food, reasonably priced, in a contemporary setting with genuine customer service--I love it!! Dine in or take out, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Consider going there when Pei Wei is packed.

Check out their website at www.gimmesum.com!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Safe Place

Hmmm...I don't know what to make of this sign. I saw it on the corner of a gas station and what caught my eye was that one figure looked like it was coping the other's,...eh...chest. Maybe I just have a sick mind. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thank you, honey bun.

This is the start of my post to express gratitude to the sweetest, most thoughtful, caring, considerate, handsome, loving, funny, sexy (last but not least) honey bun of three years--Gianni Salami.

Besides all of the things--big and small that you do daily and unconditionally for me because you are you, I thought of other acts of love which makes me love you more and more.

Thank you for teaching me how to downshift.

Pooh Bear

I can't stop playing this!

Pink has been my second favorite color for some time now. Pastel pink, hot pink, passionate pink, blush pink but deep down, RED is still my favorite color.

So...I've been procrastinating on my math homework playing this game of matching panties at Victoria's Secret Pink Match and I can't stop playing it!

Meanwhile...I'm eating chocolate and I'm trying really hard not to have another piece for the umptieth time. Instead, I should get ready for bed and catch some shut eye while ignoring my guilty conscience for not doing my homework [i said--go away!].

Earlier in the evening, I had let my curious mind get the best of me when I finally figured out how to give my roomies access to print on the network printer my 'lil bro sent to me way back in the wee wee days.

Oh...bad, bad, Daly. Why are you a night owl? I recollect that Annejelynn does the same thing...if she doesn't sleep between 11:30 p.m. to midnight--she doesn't sleep until 2 p.m. In that case, whoa is me! Hump day will be a very long day with less little sleep. Must...not...get...back in the same pattern and habits of my pre-vacation mode.