Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Old Wives' Tales

Funny how thoughts come up while you're in the shower. The other day, I was thinking of an old wives' tale my mother told me..."key hi key hua, di pua key kak". It means "she that cries then laughs shall have husband ugly like an Donkey"...(ahem). Yeah.

I'll spare you the lesson in Laotian and list some others (with my interpretation):

  • If you walk over someone's legs (when they're sitting with legs outstreched), you'll be a dog in your next life.
  • If you eat the claw of a crab or lobster, you'll have lopsided breasts. (MOM!!!)
  • If you eat while laying down, you'll be a snake in your next life.

Oh--there's more, but first some background information. Moles are not freckles or "angel kisses" or "beauty marks" ...they're flyBird Pooping droppings so...

  • If you have "beauty marks" near your lips, you must talk a lot. (Hmm...self-fulfilling prophecy--you think?)

That's enough for now. I had no clue there were more farfetched Old Wive's Tales than the one my mom told me! Check it out!

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